Dan Edmonds: two thirds of a fifth

Formerly with Harlan Pepper, the Hamilton songsmith is readying a second solo album. This sweetly melodic lead track sounds both classic and contemporary.

Dan Edmonds: two thirds of a fifth

By Kerry Doole

Dan Edmonds - two thirds of a fifth (Indie): This Hamilton-based singer/songwriter started in the youthful folk-rock combo Harlan Pepper, a critically-praised outfit that deserved a better commercial fate.

He launched a solo career with 2016 album, Ladies On The Corner, and has just announced a follow-up, Softie, set for release on November 22.

In a press release, Edmonds terms it "an exploration of more ambitious sonic landscapes and grooves. I co-produced it alongside Graham Walsh, who’s worked on records by METZ, Sam Roberts Band and (his own band) Holy Fuck."

Two thirds of a fifth, the album's opening track and first single, is described by Edmonds as "an internal dialogue about trying to overcome anxiety with compassion. Written the night before our first recording session for Softie, I feel like this is the sound of me coming into my own as a songwriter."


"Softie was inspired by the art and music that I was consuming at that time. Paul Klee’s paintings – his use of colour and form – had a profound influence on me during the recording of this project. The feeling I have when seeing abstract expressionism is one that I’m still attempting to translate into song. I was also listening to quite a bit of hip-hop during this time, specifically Gang Starr and MF DOOM."

We don't detect any overt hip-hop influence on the track, a sweetly melodic offering that wouldn't have sounded out of place on a '70s AM soft rock station while also possessing a subtly contemporary feel. It certainly whets the appetite for the album.





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