The Conscience Pilate: Army of Devils

Expressive vocals, strong guitar and a striking video make this a winner. 

The Conscience Pilate: Army of Devils

By Kerry Doole

The Conscience Pilate  - Army of Devils (Independent): Back in the late '90s, The Conscience Pilate was one of a handful of bands bringing a welcome glam-tinged swagger and style to the Toronto club scene in the grunge era. TCP's flame burnt bright but quickly, and after just one album, the group disbanded.

Now, after a 25-year hiatus, principals Neil Leyton (guitar, vocals) and Edward Pond (bass) are making a welcome return. Starting this summer, The Conscience Pilate will release a new single each month, beginning with Army of Devils.

The track showcases Leyton's expressive vocals and is accompanied by a striking video. The group's solid guitar sound is neatly captured by producer Moe Berg, of The Pursuit Of Happiness fame.


A press release explains that "The song title is ripped from the cover of a violent pulp-fiction action novel Pond owned as a kid." Pond calls Army of Devils "a song about not letting the demons in our head mess up the good things in our life, and how sometimes we wreck it a little anyway."

A B-side of the single features a reworking of the song by guitarist Mick McKenzie for the Red House mix, with Ryan Dahle (Limblifter, Age of Electric) mastering it via analog tape. 

The TCP reunion began when Leyton and Pond reconnected at the M for Montreal conference, in Nov. 2022. The press release quotes Leyton as saying 'We have some unfinished business. Let’s make another record.'  Two songs were written that night alone in Montreal.

.Post TCP, Neil Leyton moved to Portugal 12 years ago, where he has continued to perform, record and produce, and he currently fronts the acclaimed collective Lusitanian Ghosts. Let's hope for some Canadian shows.




Publicity: Chad Cornies, No Rules PR

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