New and Upcoming Canadian Albums: Mother Mother, Corb Lund, Allie X & More

Artists with new releases out this week include Philip Sayce, Shaina Hayes, Royal Tusk and Church of Trees.

Mother Mother

Mother Mother


It's a busy week for new Canadian releases. Funky Montreal duo Chromeo are back with their new album Adult Contemporary, while catalogue classics from Stan Rogers and Fucked Up are also upcoming. Rising singer-songwriter Abigail Lapell, Wolf Parade member Dan Boeckner and the soulful Loony have also announced upcoming release dates.

Album of the Week: Mother Mother, Grief Chapter

Mother Mother are veterans in the Canadian rock scene, but they've had one of the more interesting renaissance arcs of the last few years. The Vancouver band found an unlikely new audience on TikTok in 2020 when their song "Hayloft" went viral. They made a sequel, "Hayloft II," and that went gold in the U.S. They've now had 7+ billion global streams. That background informs their new ninth album Grief Chapter, but it doesn't feel like a retread. It's informed by heavy themes like death and mourning, which is something you might expect from a project in its third decade, but it's not a dour drag. Instead, Ryan Guldemond and the band lean even harder into their nervy energy, threading a needle between shiny radio rock and playfully off-kilter 2000s indie. - Richard Trapunski


Upcoming Canadian Albums


16: Will Régnier - Traces

16: Chromeo, Adult Contemporary

16: Steve Maddock, Jack Of All Trades

16: The Once, Out Here

16: Mother Mother, Grief Chapter

16: Robert Priest, People Like You And Me (Vesuvius Music)

23: Philip Sayce, The Wolves are Coming (Atomic Gemini / Forty Below Records)

23: Stan Rogers, Stan Rogers - Songs of a Lifetime vinyl box set (Borealis Records)

23: Fucked Up, The Chemistry of Common Life (15th Anniversary Edition Clear Orange 2LP) (Matador)

23: Corb Lund, El Viejo (New West)

23: Moonshine, Noir Fever Presente: Moonshine & LA Federation Internationale du Bruit

23: Excuse Me, The Light

23: Shaina Hayes, Kindergarten Heart (Bonsound)

23: Last Ark Out, Lift


23: Allie X, Girl With No Face

23: Elephant Stone, Back Into The Dream

23: Royal Tusk, Altruistic (MNRK Music Group)

23, Church of Trees, Transience

27: David Vertesi, Fictionalized(Tiny Kingdom)

29: Harold and Ruth, A Song For Ira (Busy Buddies)


1: The Look Out Service, The Gambit

1: Dead Root Revival, The Controller's Exam

1: Rik Emmett, Diamonds – The Best of the Hard Rock Years 1990 – 1995 (Music In Motion Ent)

1: Flore Laurentienne, 8 tableaux (Secret City Records)

1: Michael Kaeshammer, Turn It Up (Seven.One Starwatch/Sony Music Germany)

1: Musebots & Arne Eigenfeldt, A Walk To Meyton (Redshift Records)

1: Mike Downes, The Way In

1: Daniel Romano's Outfit - Too Hot To Sleep

1: Paul Black, Beautiful Sin

8: Turboprop, A Canadian Songbook (TPR Records)

8: Loreena McKennitt,The Road Back Home (Quinlan Road)

8: Irene Torres, S/T ((Vesuvius Music)

8: Erika Angell - The Obsession With Her Voice

8: Homeshake, CD Wallet (Dine Alone)

8: Virginia to Vegas, The Greatest Hits

8: Glenn Marais & The Mojo Train, Red, Hot and Blue

15: Clay and Friends , STUNT

15: Daniel Boeckner, Boeckner! (Sub Pop)

15: Disaster Pony, S/T (Lovetown Records)

15: Comeback Kid, Trouble (New Damage Records)


15: JJ Shiplett, A Way Through Time (courtesy of Red Buffalo Records)

22: Alexandra Lost, Smoke

22: Parlour Panther, Bloom (Coax Records)

22: Sue Decker, Keeping Time

22: Close Talker, The Sprawl

22: Loony, Loony

27: Hua Li 化力, ripe fruit falls but not in your mouth (Next Door Records)

27: Good Kid, Good Kid 4

29: Sum 41, Heaven :x: Hell (Rise Records)

29: Sykamore, Through the Static ( CMDSHFT)

29: Sue Foley, One Guitar Woman ( Stony Plain Records)


1: George Crotty, Inner Nature

5: Dana Gavanski, Late Slap (Full Time Hobby)

5: Wine Lips, Super Mega Ultra ( Stomp Records)


10: Mawzy,Long View

12: Classified, Luke's View (HalfLife Records & Big Story Entertainment)

12: Temporal Waves, S/T (People Places Records / Linear Fade Records)

12: Gillian Hay, Magnolia Baby

19: Michael Feuerstack, Eternity Mongers ( Forward Music)

19: Cadence Weapon, ROLLERCOASTER (MNRK Music)

19: Kellie Loder, Transitions

19: Ndidi O, Simple Songs for Complicated Times

24: Thunder Queens, Strike One (Victory Pool Records)

26: Ellis, No Place That Feels Like

26: Corridor, Mimi (Bonsound)

26: MacKenzie Porter, Nobody's Born With A Broken Heart (Big Loud)

26: Matthew de Zoete, Half An Hour

26: Kyp Harness, Kick The Dust


3: Clever Hopes, New Kind of Familiar

10: Xana, The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn’t

10: Abigail Lapell, Anniversary (Outside Music)

17: Alana Yorke, Destroyer (Paper Bag Records)

17: Major Love, Live, Laugh, Major Love (Slow Weather)

17: Ghostly Kisses, Darkroom

24: David Myles, Devil Talking (Little Tiny Records / turtlemusik)

24: Wyatt C. Louis - Chandler (Royal Mountain Records)

31: Unessential Oils, S/T (Secret City Records)


19: Oleyada, Late Night Jam

Luminate Data Market Watch Facts & Figures: Week Ending Apr. 4, 2024

Luminate Data Market Watch Facts & Figures: Week Ending Apr. 4, 2024

Here is this week's Luminate Data Market Watch report which features Canadian music stats for the current week and year-to-date comparisons to last year.

Here is this week's Luminate Data Market Watch report which features Canadian music stats for the current week and YTD with comparisons to last year. This chart is published every Tuesday. The abbreviation "TEA" is a term used to describe the sale of music downloads or singles. A track equivalent album is equal to 10 tracks, or 10 songs.