New & Upcoming Canadian Album Releases: Kiesza, Old Man Luedecke, David Myles & More

Other artists with new releases this week include Lynne Hanson, VISHTÈN CONNEXIONS and Ruth Saphir.



Clay Peter

This week, we get a keenly-anticipated new effort from pop hitmaker Kiesza.

She joins a release week that also includes new releases from Canadian artists Major Love, Alana Yorke, Gabriel Genest, The Luvmenauts, Kenton Loewen, Priori, Wyatt C. Louis and Deanna Knight.

Some big albums were also announced this week, headlined by a star-studded new one from Montreal producer Kaytranada. Long-running faves Joel Plaskett and Cuff The Duke also have new releases on the way.

See the full calendar below, after our Album of the Week feature.

Album Of The Week: Kiesza, Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1.

Canadian electro-pop star Kiesza has just released her third album Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1. Comprising six diverse cuts, it comes a full decade after the Calgarian exploded onto the scene with the infectious single, “Hideaway,” an international smash that has received over a billion streams. It went double platinum in Canada and helped her earn three Juno Awards. Subsequent albums Sound Of A Woman and 2020’s Crave proved she’s more than a one-trick pony, and earned critical kudos. Groove-heavy electro-pop remains her foundation, but it gets mixed with soul, house and even roots elements. For instance, “The Mysterious Disappearance Of Etta Place” has a long spoken word intro, and sports a Western theme. The title cut, a collaboration with hot producer Sugar Jesus (One Direction, Little Mix), is dramatic and dynamic, while the upbeat ode to the dancefloor, “I Go Dance,” went over well in her performance at the Electronic Dance Music Awards (EDMAs) in March.


Not many dance music stars get to perform with the symphony, but on Oct. 5, Kiesza joins the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra for a hometown show at The Jack Singer Concert Hall. Tickets here.


17: Alana Yorke, Destroyer (Paper Bag Records)

17: Kaïa Kater, Strange Medicine (Acronym)

17: Ruth Moody, Wanderer (Blue Muse Records/True North Records)

17: Charlotte Cardin, A Week in Nashville


.17: The Anti-Queens, Disenchanted ( Stomp Records)

17: Coleman Hell, Joyride (604 Records)

17: John Kameel Farah & Nick Fraser, Farahser (Elastic Recording)

17: Lemon Bucket Orkestra, Cuckoo

17: Ghostly Kisses, Darkroom

24: David Myles, Devil Talking (Little Tiny Records / turtlemusik)

24: Wes Carroll Confabulation, Helium

24: Priori, This But More (NAFF)

24: Kiesza, Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1

24: Old Man Luedecke, She Told Me Where to Go

24: Wyatt C. Louis, Chandler (Royal Mountain Records)

24: Alanna Sterling, Everything’s gonna be just fine (Indica Records)

24: Kenton Loewen, Petrol Matches Boom (Drip Audio)

24: Deanna Knight, Every Little Spark


24: Lynne Hanson, Just A Poet

24: Joe Rocca, Hybride(Bonsound.)

29: Spencer Jo, The Water (Moments Fest Records)

30: David Picco, Until Now

30: Cherie Camp, Love and Blood

31: Mary-Frances Leahy First Light

31: Ruby Waters, What’s The Point

31: Sam Jr., Inner Shadow (Arts & Crafts)

31: Unessential Oils, S/T (Secret City Records)

31: Luka Kuplowsky & The Ryokan Band - How Can I Possibly Sleep When There Is Music (Next Door Records)


7: Rick White and The Sadies, S/T (Blue Fog)

7: Jeffrey Straker, Great Big Sky


7: Penny Shade, EP 2

7: Kaytranada, Timeless

13: Christin Hyshka, Rescue

13: Kym Gouchie,Shun beh nats’ujeh

14: The Hi Tops,Lips, Hips, and Counterfeits

14: Maggie Andrew, Day Job (turtlemusik)

14:Ellen Doty, Every Little Scene

14: Geoffroy, Good Boy

21: Belfountain, Some Hearts

21: Celeigh Cardinal, Boundless Possibilities

21: Islands, What Occurs

21: SUBB and Mudie, Cat Songs EP

21: Lori-Ann Speed, Somewhere in Time

28: Homeshake, Horsie (Dine Alone Records)

28: Tommy Crane, Dance Music for All Occasions (Elastic Recordings)


5: Future Star, It’s About Time! (Mint Records)

12: Donovan Woods, Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now (End Times Music)


12: Colin Fisher, Suns Of The Heart (We Are Busy Bodies)

17: Begonia, Open Swim (Birthday Cake Records)

19: Oleyada, Late Night Jam

19: Boy Golden, For Eden (Six Shooter)

26: Electric Religious, The Taste (Red Music Rising)


23: The Secret Beach, We were Born Here, What's Your Excuse? (Victory Pool)

30: The Sound of Eddy, Ladders (Ensoul Records)


6: Hansom Ēli, Sip

6: Cuff The Duke, Breaking Dawn (Cardinal Records)

13: Colin Stetson, The love it took to leave you (Envision Records)

13: Joel Plaskett, One Real Reveal

27: Leif Vollebekk, Revelation (Secret City Records)

27: Julian Taylor Pathways (Howling Turtle, Inc.)

Shaq’s Classic Song ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’ Featuring Biggie Is Finally on Streaming Services
Rb Hip Hop

Shaq’s Classic Song ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’ Featuring Biggie Is Finally on Streaming Services

There's a more explicit Biggie verse in the vault, according to the NBA legend.

Shaq’s classic with Biggie is finally available on streaming services. The news was broken by FakeShoreDrive on X earlier this week, and the Hall of Fame big man confirmed the news Thursday afternoon (June 13).

The year is 1996 and Shaquille O’Neal and the Notorious B.I.G. are two of the biggest figures in their respective fields. Shaq was entering the last year of his deal with the Orlando Magic before he headed west to the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of the 1995-1996 season. Biggie was getting ready to release his sophomore album, Life After Death, while in the throws of a beef with 2Pac. Big name-dropped the NBA player on the song “Gimme the Loot” off his debut album, Ready to Die, and the two had a mutual respect for each other ever since.

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