Sylo Nozra: Divine

The latest contender in the Toronto avant-R&B sweepstakes improves his odds with this focus track from a new album. Abetted by sparse production, his vocals have a pleasingly romantic tone.

 Sylo Nozra: Divine

By Kerry Doole

Sylo Nozra - "divine" (Indie): This Toronto-based vocalist/producer is the latest Toronto avant-R&B artist to start making moves in the wake of The Weeknd.

His critically acclaimed 2015 EP This Era included the breakout single,"Losing Myself," one that accumulated 5.4 million streams after being placed on Spotify’s top streaming playlist, and follow-up EP Fervor received love from major publications and websites.

His long-awaited album Mud Mask is now out, as is a video for one of its focus tracks, "desire."

A press release notes that "the video depicts a couple’s budding romance blossoming into true and pure love. “Divine” expresses the beauty of falling in love and shows Sylo Nozra's vulnerable side."


The track has the sparse production typical of the genre, while Nozra's vocal has a pleasingly romantic tone, complemented by the attractive video. Sweet stuff.

The album was co-produced by Sylo alongside frequent collaborator Goldchain, and Juno Award-winning producer Lantz (aka Juno-winner Jazz Cartier). We're eager to hear more.






Publicity: Dalton Higgins,

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