Prism Prize Spotlight Videos: 5 Clips for Costume and Fashion Inspiration

Five Music Videos for Costume and Fashion Inspiration

Prism Prize Spotlight Videos: 5 Clips for Costume and Fashion Inspiration

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Five Music Videos for Costume and Fashion Inspiration

Halloween is just around the corner, and whether you’re looking for something extravagant or maybe something a little more tame, these 5 videos are the perfect place to get your 2023 Halloween costume inspiration.

Fleece - Do You Wanna Party

Step into this 80s dreamland with Fleece’s Do You Wanna Party, directed by Dylan Mitro. Pulling outfit and thematic inspiration from Abba, this video, shot in a documentary/mockumentary style, truly encapsulates the feeling of nostalgia. With tons of different costumes, this video will surely be a one-stop shop for all the inspiration you need.



Directed by Dylan Mitro

Produced by Tissue Box Pictures

Produced by FLEECE

Sandrine Maltais - Cinematographer 

Styling & Art Direction - Dylan Mitro & FLEECE

Andy Reid - Editor 

Colourist - James Graham Alter Ego Post

Chantale Demole - Makeup Artist & Lighting Assist 

William Gagné - Lighting Assistant 

Sydney McInnis - Production Assistant 

Kayla Van der Kolk - Production Assistant 

Special Thanks to Kip, Ivan & Co, Nada Abouyounes at île Flottante, Laika the Dog 

The song is written and performed by Fleece

Produce by Gus Van Go

Engineered by David Matta

LØLØ - faceplant 

Based on a true and unfortunate story, LØLØ’s video for faceplant, directed by Justin Alexis, sees the singer performing a bike stunt, where she faceplants into the pavement, leaving her with a black eye and cuts on her chin, following in line with the lyrics “Thought I was falling, But I didn't just fall I face planted on to the floor. Never felt this feeling before. Oh god I I I'm down bad for you.” This video is the perfect inspiration for that garage band grunge look.


directed by Justin Alexis

video by ThatGoodGraphic

Stunt double Alex Gayoso


hair/makeup Alison Sharp

drums Mike Sleath

guitar Ben Healey

bass Kyle Teixeira

This project is funded in part by FACTOR, the Government of Canada and Canada’s private radio broadcasters. Ce projet est financé en partie par FACTOR, le gouvernement du Canada et les radiodiffuseurs privés du Canada.

Mayfly - FU

Directed by Adrian Villagomez, Special Achievement Award recipient at the 2023 Prism Prize, along with the concept created by Emma Cochrane, Mayfly’s video for FU is a tale of a classic revenge story. This video encapsulates you from the first moment with stunning symmetrical shots filled with vibrant and contrasting colours. So, grab your best friend and get the revenge you deserve.


Lyrics – Charlie Kunce & Emma Cochrane

Composition – Charlie Kunce, Emma Cochrane, Jules Bonneville-Coulombe & Homy Studio

Mix & Master – The Canvas Group

Label – Duprince Records

Distributor – The Orchard



Concept by Emma Cochrane

Produced by Duprince Records

Directed by Adrian Villagomez

DP – Juliette Lossky

Producer – Marie-Jeanne Anglehart

Producer – Emma Cochrane

Production Assistant – Zachary Grenier & Jules Bonneville-Coulombe

1st AC – Émilie Desmarais

Gaffer – Lucas Wakman

Key Grip – John Cumberland

HMU – Arianne Tremblay


Custom pieces – Kaothaisong Species

Art Director –  Emma Cochrane & Lily Vance

Art Director Assistant – Charlie Kunce 

Art Decor Technician – Lily Vance

Cast – Alexandre Boivin

Editor – Adrian Villagomez & Emma Cochrane

Vfx – Philippe Toupin

Color Grading – Thomas D’auteuil

Post-Moderne – Camera Equipment

Cineground – Camera Equipment

SLA – Gripping Equipement

IGA Gazaille Magog – Catering


Nicolas Fontaine, Post-Moderne, Cineground, Consulat, Nina, Bastien, Benoit Brossard, Kes Tagney, Karine Belhadj, Pour Croissant Faire & IGA Gazaille Magog

Monowhales- - Backbone 

Monowhales’ video for their song Backbone sees lead vocalist Sally Shaar prepping for a boxing fight. The video, directed by Brittany Farhat, has a grungy, badass energy you would expect from someone preparing to throw down in the ring. As the video progresses, Shaar is slowly ready to fight for her life. 



Video Credits:

Director, Director Of Photography, Production Designer, Editor - Brittany Farhat

Camera Assistant, Lighting & Grip, Additional Cinematography - Matthew Fong

Camera & Lighting Assistant, SPFX Makeup, Production Assistant - Calm Elliott-Armstrong

MUA - Sally Shaar 

Hair Stylist, Production Assistant - Amy V. White

Behind The Scenes - Victoria McEwan

Produced by Good Job Hi Five ( and MONOWHALES ( 

Filmed at Good Job Hi Five Studios

Rêve - Contemporary Love 

Montreal’s Rêve brings you the video for her song Contemporary Love, directed by Dan LeMeyone. Set in a gas station convenience store, this edgy video serves all kinds of looks! While walking around what should be a dingy store, Rêve walks through a curtain, is transported to a dance party, and calls the other storegoers to join her. This video is the perfect inspiration for any party girl costume ideas.


Director: Dan LeMoyne

Production Company: Mad Ruk Entertainment

Executive Producer: Rey Mendoza

Executive Producer: Damien O'Neil

Producer: Michael Ren

Production Coordinator: Carmela Gonzales

Video Commissioner: Kyla Mah

1st AD: Cowin Poon

2nd AD: Michael Rukavina

Cinematographer: Dennis Grishnin

1st AC: Shane Pikelin

2nd AC: Andrii Shtakal

Gimbal Op: Jan Schädle Ubeda

Gaffer: Andy Youn

Key Grip: Gianluca Basile

Production Designer: Sage Drake

Art Buyer: Magali Lafleur

Set Dresser: Isabelle Barker

Hair Stylist: Roger Medina

Makeup Artist: Adam Oakine

Wardrobe Stylist: Amber Watkins

Wardrobe Assistant: Hailey Uens

Production Assistant - Key PA: Patrick Donavan

Production Assistant - PA: Andrew Ouzounis

Production Assistant - PA: Kyla Stone

Production Assistant - PA: Barbara Sanchez

BTS Video: Graeme Leung

BTS Photo: Deion Squires


Colorist: Kevin Wu 

VFX Graphics: Micah Domingo

Equipment Rentals: IBUKI Rentals


Dancer/Friend: Janelle Lorenzo Mabini

Dancer/Friend: Will Widner

Couple (1/2): Zhane Stimpson

Couple (2/2): Trisha Cruzada

Character #1: Kyla Mah

Character #2: Luke Maclean

Character #3: Aysha Raza

Character #4: Mischa Harper (Mimi)

Character #5: Lena Ji

Character #6: Ayanna Allen

Character #7: Mika Alpas

Made possible with the support of Ontario Creates

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Billie Eilish performs during Music Midtown 2023 at Piedmont Park on Sept. 16, 2023 in Atlanta.

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