Music Biz Headlines, Nov. 26, 2018

Jason Sniderman is reinvented as Ensign Broderick (pictured), Shania hints at a song for Celine and Michael Bublé's new outlook on life. Also in the headlines are Petra Glynt, the El Mocambo, Royal Tusk, A&B Sound, Jeff Goldblum, SonReal, Kirk MacDonald, Eliana Cuevas, K-Tel, clown rock, vinyl, wearable tech, Clean Bandit, Mariah Carey, Aretha, and Alanis Morissette.

Music Biz Headlines, Nov. 26, 2018

By Kerry Doole

Jason Sniderman unleashes glam-rock persona Ensign Broderick at 60

He was ready to make Ensign Broderick one of Canada's glam rock gods -- until he changed his mind and stowed the idea away for decades. Now 60, he's bringing the persona into the spotlight with nearly a career's worth of albums ready for release. – David Friend, CP

Michael Bublé on son's cancer recovery, his studio comeback and how a joke spun retirement rumours

Canadian singer says he has a new outlook on life: 'I want to bring joy.' – Zulekha Nathoo,· CBC News

Shania Twain hints at Shania-Céline dream team

The country superstar has said she'd like to write a song for Céline Dion, creating an all-Canadian pop-music dream team.  – Brendan Kelly, Montreal Gazette

Petra Glynt’s wake-up call 

On My Flag Is A Burning Rag of Love, the artist makes danceable pop music with a progressive conscience. –  Brennan McCracken, The Coast


​​​​​Is intellectual property the next big alternative asset?

Music rights and other intellectual properties are gaining traction as a standalone alternative asset class, says Salman Malik, vice-president at Barometer Capital Management Inc. His firm is creating a fund that will allow investors to purchase a piece of a broad portfolio of song royalties. –  Benefits Canada

Everything we know about the future of the El Mocambo

There's been lots of talk about the Stones and the sign, but now there are finally some details about the music that will be played at the soon-to-return venue. – Richard Trapunski, NOW

Royal Tusk returns with mammoth new album

With the release of its new album, Edmonton rock band Royal Tusk feels emboldened with a heavier sound. What was initially a side-project born from their original band, Ten Second Epic, is now a mammoth music machine. – Chad Huculak, Edmonton Journal

The rise and fall of A&B Sound: Famed record store chain went bankrupt 10 years ago

There was a time when a stretch of Seymour Street in downtown Vancouver was a mecca for music lovers. A&B’s competitive prices on records and CDs built customer loyalty. –  Jon Azpir, Global News

Home stay options help ease harsh conditions of touring

The life of a touring musician can be rough, especially in Canada. In the past decade, Canadian independent musicians and fans began laying the groundwork for a sort of sharing economy for musicians. Fans would put up the band at their homes while the bands would play at the houses for house concerts, then share a home-cooked meal with their sponsors. – Steve Marlow, Kamloops This Week


Come fly with actor Jeff Goldblum on his new jazz album

His new creative project will surprise many. – Brad Wheeler, The Globe and Mail

Vancouver rapper SonReal tackles cyberbullying in his latest song

SonReal chatted about the new song, 'No More,' his own online experiences and the one thing he wishes online bullies would do before they pushed “post”.  – Aleesha Harris, Vancouver Sun

Kirk MacDonald and his daughter Virginia keep jazz all in the family

You get two interviews for the price of one today, as Toronto tenor saxophone great Kirk MacDonald and clarinetist Virginia MacDonald, his 24-year-old daughter, swing east to play shows in Montreal and Ottawa. – Peter Hum, Postmedia

Eliana Cuevas’s latest album, Golpes y Flores, is a love letter to her troubled homeland

After five albums of smooth, multicultural vocal jazz—rooted in Latin music but with touches of funk, flamenco, and radio pop—Eliana Cuevas knew that it was time to get in touch with her Venezuelan roots. – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight

Why does vinyl sound so good? Let’s examine that.

But why? Why are people continuing to adopt a music storage format with technological roots that date back to the late 80s? The LP has been with us since 1948. Stereo records haven’t changed much since 1958. So what’s the attraction? –  Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things


But wait, there's more! K-Tel, the Spotify of the '70s, is still going strong

The Veg-O-Matic, compilation albums and infomercials — we owe them all to K-Tel. – CBC

What is it with music and clowns?

Puddles Pity Party and Mac Sabbath brought very different musical clown acts to Toronto, suggesting the modern fear of clowns might be exaggerated.  – Nick Krewen, NOW

Pause your life and listen to three new local songs!

Jams from the long-lost Jennah Barry and Don Brownrigg, plus a new version of a Hillsburn fave. – Tara Thorne, The Coast

Learn to save a life in Hamilton’s clubs

Naloxone training event designed for those in the music/nightclub industry. – Scott Gardner, The Hamilton Spectator


New wearable tech lets users listen to live music through their skin

It's inspired by deaf fans of live concerts to help them "feel" the music.   –Jennifer Ouelette, Arstechnica


Talent and touring

Clean Bandit: Britain's biggest pop group on Labour, Israel and female masturbation

The band’s reliance on star vocalists means ‘most people don’t know much about us’. But it turns out they’re more politically vocal than most pop phenomena.  – Michael Cragg, The Guardian

Aretha Franklin concert documentary finally emerges

It once was lost but now is found. For 46 years, there seemed to be precious little hope that Amazing Grace, the documentary filmed during the live recording sessions of Aretha Franklin’s soaring 1972 gospel album of the same title. – Justin Chang LA Times

Thank you consequence: did Alanis Morissette invent wellbeing?

It’s twenty years since her Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie album was released - a record full of Goop theories and other prophetic elements. – Michael Cragg, The Guardian

Michael Bublé “doesn’t give a shit” about No. 1 album

Bublé’s fourth album, Love, has debuted at number one on the UK charts, Official Charts Company rundown, but after spending two years on hiatus to support his eldest son Noah as the five-year-old battled liver cancer, he could care less about music sales.  –

Mariah Carey is still a legend whether or not Caution debuts on Billboard 200

Mariah Carey has been gracing the music industry with her catchy tunes for three decades, establishing herself as one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time and becoming one of the best-selling female artists ever.  –  Lauren Alvarez, Forbes

Steve Albini in the 'A' control room of his studio, Electrical Audio, Chicago, Illinois, June 24, 2005.
Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Steve Albini in the 'A' control room of his studio, Electrical Audio, Chicago, Illinois, June 24, 2005.


Steve Albini’s Legacy to Be Honored With Viral #ThankYouSteveAlbini Campaign

Organizers ask fans to upload photos and stories on July 22 to honor the late musician on what would have been his 62nd birthday.

Just months after his shocking death at 61, legendary producer/engineer/band leader Steve Albini will be honored with a global celebration of his noisy legacy. Touch and Go Records announced on Thursday (July 18) that it is turning what would have been Albini’s 62nd birthday on Monday (July 22) into a chance to share memories about the late rock rabblerouser known for creating righteously riotous music as well as for his vicious wit.

“Though we tragically lost Steve Albini on May 7, 2024, his indelible influence on music remains. Let’s turn his birthday, July 22nd, into a worldwide celebration to honor his life and legacy,” the label said in a statement announcing their request that fans and friends flood Instagram on Monday with “stories and photos that capture the essence of Steve’s impact. Share pictures of his albums that shaped you, concert memories, or even handwritten notes that resonated deeply. If you were lucky enough to meet him, let’s see those photos!”

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