Music Biz Headlines, Dec. 22, 2017

Some Santa headlines mixed in with a potpourri of seasonal stories and eye-catchers from mainstream media at home and abroad.

Music Biz Headlines, Dec. 22, 2017

By FYI Staff

The music industry should be dreaming of a white Christmas

Despite its ubiquity during December, the appeal of festive music varies significantly by geography. Spotify provided The Economist with data for Christmas listening across 35 countries, and for every American state, on a day-by-day basis for the two months leading up to Christmas Day 2016 –  The Economist

Lord Buckethead released a music video for Christmas and it’s a must-watch

His song, A Bucketful of Christmas, rounds off a year which saw him battle against Theresa May for her Maidenhead seat in this year’s election – and it’s a belter.

The best classic Christmas songs for your festive playlist

The problem with this kind of list, unfortunately, is that no one has written a really decent Christmas song since Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - but then again, sometimes it's best to stick with the classics – The Independent


Mariah Carey's hair froze on the set of All I Want For Christmas Is You set

“I was actually in the snow, that’s not something that was created,” Carey recalls. “It was freezing in that one-piece ensemble, [my] hair was frozen – and I remember it like it was yesterday.” –  NME

The Jewish composers who wrote your favourite Christmas songs

Here is a countdown of my personal Top 10 Christmas songs by Jewish songwriters – Steve Kurtz, Fox News

O Canada market report

A growing economy is providing Canadian consumers with more disposable income, a proportion of which is finding its way to live entertainment, reports Steve McLean - IQ

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ reissue leads Discogs’ 2017 most-collected coloured vinyl list

 Arcade Fire places second on the list – Jem Aswad, Variety

Yoko Ono’s The Riverbed coming to the Gardiner Museum

The acclaimed Japanese-American artist’s contemplative work will provide quiet counterpoint to the AGO’s Kusama extravaganza – Murray Whyte, Toronto Star

Melvv parlayed online success into a major-label deal

The young producer Jeffrey Melvin has no desire to follow the conventions of electronic music –  Kate Wilson, Georgia Straight

Lhasa de Sela remembered, on album and in concert

The late Montrealer was recently celebrated with a tribute show 20 years after her enchanting debut, and a live album captures a moment of evolution – T'Cha Dunleavy, Montreal Gazette

Getting through the holidays with Otis Redding

His music expresses the yearning to survive a cold season, to be warm and fed and fine – Nicholas Daweidoff, The New Yorker

Annual holiday dance-party tradition returns, with funk and new songs

The Funk Hunters bring their holiday dance-party Funk the Halls to the Commodore Dec. 22  –  Shawn Conner, Vancouver Sun

Eminem attacks Donald Trump: 'He's got people brainwashed'

The rapper continues his stream of invective against the president in a new interview, saying ‘his election was such a disappointment to me about the state of the country’ – Ben Beaumont-Thomas, The Guardian


Celebrate the holidays Vancouver style with the Georgia Straight's all-local Christmas playlist

The list includes Bryan Adams, Michael Buble and The Be Good Tanyas  – John Lucas, Georgia Straight

Eight once-in-a-lifetime Toronto concerts from 2017

From the sweaty end of the Silver Dollar to an unprecedented gathering of Indigenous folk legends, these were the bucket list shows of the year – Staff, NOW

Two decades of funk 

The Mellotones turn 20 with a Marquee blowout in Halifax on Saturday  –  Noah Widmeyer, The Coast

Our film and video history is threatened by the rise of streaming video

For film historians and film buffs, the rapidity with which streaming has supplanted discs and tape as a viewing mode is a bug, not a feature –  Michael Hiltzik, LA Times

In the music spotlight: Poi Dog Pondering

The Chicago-based veterans are a sprawling band with more than a dozen members, and they have retained a loyal following  –  Jeff Elbel, Chicago Sun-Times

Calgary musicians, friends to hold memorial for Funeral Factory guitarist Greg Kucheran

The musician died on Dec. 2 and will be remembered at an event this Saturday –  Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

The Billboard Canada FYI Bulletin: Projections are Up for the Music Industry, but Stress Marks Are Starting to Show (Column)
Photo by Jordon Conner on Unsplash

The Billboard Canada FYI Bulletin: Projections are Up for the Music Industry, but Stress Marks Are Starting to Show (Column)

In my Last Pogo at Canadian Music Week, and the last one for its retiring founder Neill Dixon, I saw multiple signs of transition that could define the festival and the industry moving forward.

One of the most memorable speakers from the early Canadian Music Week (CMW) days was in 2008 when Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab, gave a keynote address that some found laughable, others downright scary. The nut of his message was that bits and bytes would transform the music industry’s future, that the CD was passé, that all entertainment would become customizable, and new delivery systems would change how music was heard by audiences globally.

His words were prophetic. Within a year of his speech, companies like Deezer and Spotify let the horse out of the barn by launching their online music streaming services and this shifted control of content away from the major labels. The algorithm was born and nothing’s been the same since.

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