More Prism Prize Videos Revisited

The compelling quality of the leading contenders for the recent annual prize honouring Canadian music videos justifies giving them another look. Here are the eye-catching clips for Belle Game, Beyries, Clairmont The Second, and Grand Prize winner Charlotte Day Wilson.

More Prism Prize Videos Revisited

By FYI Staff

As we wrote on Monday, the high quality of the longlisted nominees for this year's Prism Prize for Canadian music videos justifies singling some of them out for renewed attention. Here are four more clips, finishing with the Grand Prize winning clip for Charlotte Day Wilson's "Work."

Belle Game - Spirit

“India's last remaining female "Well of Death" rider is pushed to the limit as she starts work at a new carnival.”

The drive that keeps us moving, the development of the short narrative in writer-director Kheaven Lewandowski’s latest work evolves beautifully to portray true hardship and struggle, bringing his audience on a static excursion centred in Northern India. The only remaining “Death Rider,” Neetu and her death-defying stunts only seem to empower her even more, representing not only the strength of a woman’s determination but also the lengths one takes to protect their closest bonds.


Production Company: The Herd Films

Writer & Director: Kheaven Lewandowski

Cinematographer: Peter Hadfield

Executive Producer: Kyle Hollett

Producer: Kita Nahanni

Funded by MuchFACT, A (former) division of Bell Media

Beyries - Son

The family bond which can overcome any struggle, the visual storytelling from director Philippe Grenier brings very raw emotion to life, portraying the unity of family as they battle with their darkest demons. Lyrically suggesting the loss of her son’s youth, falling into the pit of substance abuse while visually represented by physical domestic maltreatment is heart-wrenching and hard to watch, but filled to the brim with artistic creativity with strong ties to rural Quebecois heritage. An extraordinarily dark but oddly fulfilling sense of coming of age as The Son learns to cut ties with his abuse-ridden past to go home to the arms of his loving mother.

Story & Concept: Philippe Grenier

Production Studio: DTO Films

Producer: Audrey Blackburn


Director of Photography: Ariel Méthot

Post-Production House: SHED

Funded by REMSTAR

Clairmont The Second - The Ave In You

A fresh and bold self-produced video from Toronto rapper Clairmont The Second. The track and visuals are both driven by Clairmont’s unique and slightly comedic approach to the medium. His still portrait work provides a steady rhythm for the video to explore numerous scenes while engaging with his evident stylistic influences from the likes of Childish Gambino and Mac Miller-esque video production.

Most of Clairmont’s visuals are self-produced works, but none hit the mark as well as “The Ave In You”. The tongue and cheek lyricism from the Toronto native is aided by the perfectly awkward DIY set design and youthful vigour which oozes out of cinematographer Aysha Brown’s camera work.

Directed by Clairmont The Second

Cinematography by Aysha Brown

Charlotte Day Wilson - Work

“Work" re-imagines the familiar image of people commuting to work as a moving portrait.

This video is the result of the hard work and collaboration of many intelligent, strong and compassionate women, genderqueer and trans folks close to Charlotte.”

The eerie stillness of Fantavious Fritz’ photography blends perfectly with Charlotte Day Wilson’s lingering vocals in this stylish downtempo R&B track from her debut EP CDW. Fritz’ eye for composition fails to disappoint, keeping his audience moving from unfamiliar face to unfamiliar face. The dull facial expressions on the models featured in the video cinematically represent the loneliness in a city of 3 million people. While constantly engaged in thoughtless interaction, the broken heart feels nothing but exclusion from life around them. Wilson’s rare appearance in the cinespace allows the audience to explore the visual surrounding only to be grounded again by the only familiar characteristic of the piece, that is Wilson herself. 


Director: Fantavious Fritz


Director of Photography: Kelly Jeffrey

Funded by MuchFACT, A (former) division of Bell Media

Allison Russell accepting the Billboard Canada Women in Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year award
Marc Thususka Photography

Allison Russell accepting the Billboard Canada Women in Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year award

Music News

Allison Russell Named Billboard Canada Women In Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year

The Nashville-based musician from Montreal has been having a huge year, including her first Grammy and her first Hot 100 appearance. Accepting the award on June 19 at the iHeartRadio Canada studio, she talked about her LGBTQ+ advocacy work and the importance of playing with underrepresented musicians.

It was a special Juneteenth for Allison Russell.

Not only did she serve as the special Toronto opener for Sarah McLachlan on the Canadian icon’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 30th anniversary tour, but she earned another big honour: Billboard Canada Women In Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

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