Media Beat: June 13, 2018

Media Beat: June 13, 2018

By David Farrell

Sirius XM settles with SoundExchange

A Securities and Exchange Commission filing after Monday's market close explains that Sirius XM will pay a one-time lump sum payment of $150 million to SoundExchange in the next few weeks, settling a couple of lawsuits claiming that Sirius XM had been underpaying due performance royalties over the past decade.

It's a win-win deal. SoundExchange is a nonprofit that will be able to return money to the artists it represents sooner rather than later. Sirius XM will have one dark cloud of litigation lifted, even if it means it has to shell out a nine-figure settlement. – Rick Munarriz, Motley Fool


Industrial policy is the wrong lens for govt to examine broadcasting

Japan’s Regulatory Reform Promotion Council has compiled a report on the review of the broadcasting business. – The Japan News

The CRTC’s fundamental mistake: It thinks it can regulate the internet

Canada’s communications regulator last week reversed decades of policy by recommending that the government implement new regulation and taxation for internet services in order to support the creation of Canadian content.

The report on the future of program distribution, which will surely influence the newly established government panel reviewing Canada’s telecommunications and broadcasting laws, envisions new fees attached to virtually anything related to the internet: internet service providers, internet video services and internet audio services (wherever located) to name a few. – Michael Geist, The Globe & Mail

Radio in Canada: Still not dead

Despite the onslaught of new technologies, radio, which has been with us in its commercial form for almost a hundred years, continues to hold its own, according to a report issued by Media Technology Monitor – Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things

Charlotte Day Wilson
Emily Lipson

Charlotte Day Wilson


Fresh Sounds Canada: Charlotte Day Wilson, Ikky & More

This week's must-hear Canadian songs of the week also includes Quebec rapper Rymz, Montreal R&B singer Néhémie and Maritime singer-songwriter David Myles.

In Fresh Sounds Canada, Billboard Canada puts you on to the must-hear songs of the week by artists on the rise and those about to break. Here's what's out this week.

Charlotte Day Wilson, “I Don’t Love You”

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