Media Beat: February 21, 2020

Media Beat: February 21, 2020

By David Farrell

The boy has never looked better: Having had three heart procedures and follow-up therapy, Chuck McCoy announced on Facebook that he’s just completed a 5K race. Bravo! We say.

12:36 pm spills the beans on Roger Ashby's return.

Roger Ashby is back on 16 radio stations. While his exit from CHUM after a half-century included the promise of a digital return, The Roger Ashby Oldies Show is a more conventional syndicated offering via Bell Media, but it streams all week long.

Bell Mobility: CRTC's MVNO proposal is 'highly aggressive,' puts spending at risk

Canadian consumers won't get better deals on wireless data if mobile virtual network operators are introduced into an already competitive market, but such a move would slow an ongoing major upgrade to the national communication backbone, Bell Canada and Bell Mobility executives testified Wednesday.

Speaking at the second day of public hearings before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission in Gatineau, Que., Bell Canada chief executive Mirko Bibic said any form of MVNO mandate would an "aggressive" regulatory intervention. – CP


CRTC survey: 66% of Canadians say our cellphone prices are the worst in the world

The CRTC collected comments on the public record but also launched an online survey regarding wireless services, which saw over 28,000 people participate in, to go with 1,200 from a telephone survey.

According to the CRTC, “most Canadians who responded to the survey are satisfied with their cellphone provider and are not likely to switch providers.”

However, the “vast majority” of Canadians responded wireless prices in Canada were not as competitive here, compared to other countries. The survey results also saw “66% stating that Canada’s cellphone prices are worse than elsewhere in the world.” No big surprise here. – Gary Ng, iPhone in Canada

Mark Goldberg challenges Michael Geist

Ting Mobile’s principal, Elliott Noss, makes a number of other assertions that were unchallenged by Professor Geist, such as a statement that many countries have regulated mandatory access to MVNOs. “This is simply not true,” telecom consult Mark Goldberg challenges. “While the podcast is certainly entertaining to listen to, too frequently, the guest’s assertions are left unchecked and simply don’t stand up to scrutiny.” – Telecom Trends

A call to Parliament to support trusted sources of news for Canadians 

While Canadian media companies continue to invest in quality news and information for Canadians, large digital players aggregate and disseminate that news coverage across their own platforms. They are scraping and republishing news content without permission or payment. They are profiting from the work and investment of Canadian media and further undermining the business model that supports Canadian journalism. This is simply not sustainable.


Copyright law already protects film, music and software companies, ensuring they have control over how and where their content is made available; ensuring they can negotiate a fair agreement over its use. News publishers need the same control over their content, with clear protection in legislation. This would ensure Canadian media can address unauthorized and unremunerated use of their content with legal tools to deal with large-scale infringements. These issues can be addressed with specific amendments now, without waiting for a wholesale review of the Copyright Act.  

Sobeys Stadium, where The Bowl will open
Courtesy Photo

Sobeys Stadium, where The Bowl will open


The Feldman Agency Teams with Tennis Canada For a New Outdoor Music Venue in Toronto

At Sobeys Stadium in North York, The Bowl will host up to 9,000 people starting in 2024 and promises at least 15 concerts next year.

The Feldman Agency and Tennis Canada are teaming up to open a new open-air music venue in Toronto in late-Spring 2024. The Bowl at Sobeys Stadium will have 9,000 seats and host concerts, comedy and more.

The introduction of The Bowl brings outdoor live music to the North York region, located near the York University campus. Sobeys Stadium regularly hosts the international tennis tournament the National Bank Open, and The Bowl opens it up to other kinds of live entertainment -- from country ballads and rock shows to side-splitting comedy acts," says the press release.

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