Andrew Austin: Christmas Is Coming Soon

The pop craftsman delivers a holiday treat featuring his warm vocals amidst seasonal sounds. If you're seeking a break from the same old overplayed chestnuts, then check this one out. 

Andrew Austin: Christmas Is Coming Soon

By Kerry Doole

Andrew Austin - "Christmas Is Coming Soon" (Independent): The title statement of this new track is undeniable, and the season's impending arrival has already triggered a deluge of holiday music.

If you're seeking a break from the same old overplayed chestnuts, then check this one out. Austin sets the seasonal scene with references to mistletoe, sleigh bells and chiming church bells, and his warm vocal style slots in perfectly. You'd have to be a real grinch not to get a positive vibe from the tune.

The Toronto-by-way-of-Sarnia singer/songwriter has been termed the most listened to musician in Canada you’ve never heard of."  That claim is based on the fact that he has written and sung many of the country's top commercial jungles, including tunes for Tim Horton's and Alexander Keith's.


He gained more critical credibility with a 2013 album, While It’s Still Light Out, produced by Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene, Super Furry Animals), then fared well at AC radio and on Spotify a few months back with the soulful pop track "Everything And More," featuring Willa.





Management: Michael Greggs, (Been There Done That)

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