Canadian Albums Streaming This Week: Nate Husser, Metric, TOBi & More

Plus: new albums from indie rock heroes Land of Talk and Shiv and the Carver's contemporary take on Riot Grrl.

Canadian Albums Streaming This Week: Nate Husser, Metric, TOBi & More

Nate Husser


If you’re superstitious, Friday the 13th might seem like a bad date to drop your new record. Thankfully, these Canadian artists are taking their chances and sharing new records with us today:

Land of Talk, Performances

Montreal indie fixture and songwriter supreme Lizzie Powell released their fifth album today as Land of Talk. Performances is out via Next Door Records and Saddle Creek and finds Powell working with piano instead of their trademark guitar. The video for single “Sitcom,” released earlier this week, features comedian-musician Eve Parker Finley eating some unappetizing Kraft Dinner. Talk about spooky.

Nate Husser, Dark Songs to Drive to

Following his relocation from Montreal to L.A. in 2022, Nate Husser seems primed to pop off. Dark Songs To Drive To, his follow-up to last year’s All-Time High,­ is out now via +1 Records. Dark Songs showcases Husser’s quick-fire flow, especially on single “Did it b4,” which features moody production well-suited to the release date.


Shiv and the Carvers, Physical Capital

“Only got one body / gotta really get my money’s worth!” screams Shiv Scott on the debut EP, Physical Capital, from skate-punk band Shiv and the Carvers. The band’s core consists of three former roller derby players, and they bring that fighting spirit to their contemporary take on Riot Grrl, which will absolutely make you want to rewatch Whip It.


Technically released yesterday via RCA Records, TOBi’s PANIC arrives on the heels of EP Shall I Continue? which won the 2023 Juno Award for rap album/EP of the year. The autobiographical album features production from Alex Goose, with dense arrangements informed by jazz and soul, as well as appearances from trombonist and Tribe Records founder Phil Ranelin.

Metric, Formentera II

Earlier this year, Metric’s first album, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? celebrated its 20th anniversary. As they enter their twenties, the Toronto band is showing no signs of slowing down, releasing their ninth album Formentera II today on Metro Music. Though it shares a name with their 2022 album, Formentera II is its own work, with new material like the “regret disco” track “Just This Once.”


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