Talltale: Tokyo

In advance of her new album A Japanese Fever Dream, this electronica artist from Edmonton releases a track and eye-catching self-directed video reflecting her love of Tokyo. Insistent beats and washes of keyboards underpin a clear and unaffected vocal style. 

Talltale: Tokyo

By Kerry Doole

Talltale - "Tokyo" (Indie): This electronica vocalist/songwriter/drummer was named Artist to Watch at the 2018 Edmonton Music Awards, so there is real anticipation for her upcoming album, A Japanese Fever Dream, due March 29 that is further fuelled by this new song and video, released last Friday.

"Tokyo" reflects Talltale's deep interest in Japan, a country she has visited three times since 2015. On her visit there last year, she took a video crew, filming five clips to accompany the new album. "Tokyo" is the first, and the eyeballs-grabbing video (directed and edited by Talltale) captures the kinetic energy and fascinating contrasts of that city. Her insistent beats and washes of keyboards underpin a clear and unaffected vocal style. 


In a press release, she explains that  “I can’t listen to music without picturing what the video should look like or the visuals. I think visuals are a necessity for helping to promote your music, but for me, it’s deeper than that, it’s just inseparable in my opinion. Doing the videos is another way to communicate what I want a song to say and how I wanted it to feel. Especially for this album, the aim was to give people a bit of the feeling of what it’s like to be there. I feel that video is the most visceral way to do that.”

Before adopting the nom de plume of Talltale, Tatiana Zagorac earned a Bachelor of Music in Jazz and Contemporary Popular Music. She won Electronic Song of the Year at the 2018 Canadian Songwriting Competition.

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Publicity: Paula Danylevich, Hype Music

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