Prism Prize Video Spotlight: 5 Music Videos That Depict Individuality

Everyone wants to be different, individual, and unique. These 5 videos show you that dancing on your own and to the beat of your own drum should be cherished.

Prism Prize Video Spotlight: 5 Music Videos That Depict Individuality

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Everyone wants to be different, individual, and unique. These 5 videos show you that dancing on your own and to the beat of your own drum should be cherished. Take solace in the solitude of your own body and mind. Why be ordinary when you can just be you?

Bahamas: I’m Still 

The video for I’m Still by Bahamas showcases self-reflection in its most accurate form as singer Afie Jurvanen can be seen on a solo journey through the High Head Trail in beautiful Nova Scotia. Directed by Jason Levangie, this video sees Afie contemplative one moment and over-joyed and playful the next as he can be seen in different environments. Nothing says individuality like the line “he just do what he do” as part of this single.



Video director: Jason Levangie

Video producer: Barchords Inc. / Jason Levangie

Video editor: Charles Jannasch

Cinematographer: Paul McCurdy

Stylist: Sarah Haydon Roy

Production Company: Shut Up & Colour Pictures Inc.

La Force: How do you love a man 

Directed by Ali Vanderkruyk, Caely White, and La Force artist Ariel Engle, the video for La Force’s How do you love a man explores how your desire to change shape in order to commune with a spirit takes hold of you. This sparse black-and-white portraiture, which is ghostly in nature, shows loneliness in its most authentic form. How far would you go to connect with a soul that is no longer embodied? Find out by watching this captivating video.


Directors): Ali Vanderkruyk, Ariel Engle, and Caely White.

Camera & edit: Ali Vanderkruyk

Produced by: Sara Melvin

Creative Director: Ali Vanderkruyk, Ariel Engle, Caely White

Titles: Lauren Armstrong

Mah Moud: 12 

Mah Moud’s 12 is the final song from his album Abdalla and is full of soul and longing. This video, which was directed by Ryan Fanseda, follows Mah Moud around the city of Toronto, utterly entranced in his own world and demanding thoughts. As he goes through the video, you can sense the inner fight he is dealing with as the people around him are visibly in love, while Mah Moud can’t seem to get there. All the emotions of his loneliness come to fruition at the end of the video, where we see him fall down a steep slope, slowly coming to terms with his feelings.



Director: Ryan Fanseda 

Producer: Luísa Cruz

Assistant Director: Patrick Acenas 

Production Manager: Jamie Li 

Production Coordinator: Sahil Asthana

DP: Tristan Ng 

1st AC: Marco Cheng, Jason Lin

Gaffer: Chris Atkins

Key Grip: Will Le 

Grip: Winnie Murphy

Wardrobe: Jamie Li 

HMUA: Bronte Brazier

Editor: Patrick Acenas 

Colourist: Joel Rodriguez

Location Scout: Erik Babinski

PAs: Kurt Rafil, Leo Fanseda 

BTS Photographer: Erik Babinski

Production Accountant: Kwan Woo Chang

Management: Heather Kelly and Dave Guenette

In association with piratesblend

This video was created thanks to the generous support of the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize (administered by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television) (slave stamp from funders).


Special Thanks: Ontario Camera

Background talent: Adam H. Murray, Allen Sutedja, Alex da Costa, Alex Sadowski, Amaar Ismail, Amita Asthana, Antonio, Atul Asthana, Ayaka Kuroki, Billy, Boxlong Li, Brian Han, Cameron Lau, David Jones, Deepak Surya, Erik Babinski, Genelle Cruz, Gloria Wu, Isaiah Cambridge, J.D. Trinidad, Jiahao Yang, Jocelyn Li, Jonathan Matta, Judah Henry, Leonardo, Kristen, Kyle Galsim, Laly, Lia De Groot, Luíza Barboza, Madeline Kim, Mahammed Ismail, Myles Isley, Noah Kim, Osman Ismail, Parris Radan, Rafael Alfonso, Rafaelle, Roy Llanes, Sahil Ashtana, Sharon da Costa, Sherry, Shun Yu, Tania Kwan, Tegin Davis, Antonio Keleta

Planet Giza: Quiet On The Set


Montreal-based band Planet Giza’s newest video for Quiet On The Set sees the boys being judges for an audition in order for them to find “the one.” When the search seems to be taking a turn, they light up a device to help them decide. When one of the dancers catches Tony’s eye, we see the environment around them change as he begins living in the “what if” until eventually the magical machine transports us to infinity where all fantasies and realities with this person come to life.


Co-Directed by Will Albu & Dovi

Director of Photography : Will Albu

Creative Director : Dovi

Starring : Tony Stone 

Music Producer : Rami B 

Music Producer : DoomX 

Choreographer & Dancer 3 : Misheel Ganbold 

Dancer 1 : Tessie Isaac 

Dancer 2 : Lou Amsellem

Cam Operator : Tristan Alain 

Camera Assitant : Léa Barsalou 

Chief Electrician : Félix Tétreault 

Gaffer : Clémentine Martin

Production Coordinator : Axel Robin 

Styling by Samuel Pronovost 

Hair & WIGS BY Roxanne Selleck 

Makeup by Anna Migdissova

Creative Casting By Jon Lim & Axel Robin

Craft Chef : Monica Rogil

Special thanks to:

Naomi Hilaire

Jaa Smith-Johnson

Ja James Britton Johnson

Olivier Picard & David Pierrat  (Studio Notre-Dame) 


Radiant Baby: Inconnue 

This sultry music video from Radiant Baby for Inconnue, which was directed by Catherine White, has the artist searching for a fantasy that isn’t there. Through the lens of the camera, Radiant Baby, a.k.a Félix Mongeon flirts with obsession and longing while moving among a motel room to find the perfect love that is just out of reach.


Réalisation : Catherine White

Production : Consulat 

Productrice: Marie-Jeanne Anglehart

Producteur exécutif: Gabriel Roussil

Direction Photo : Juliette Lossky 

Assistant Caméra: Alec Lemonde 

Steadicam operator: Mathéo Lemay

Chef Machino :  Samuel Labarre    


Chef Electro: Pierre-Luc Jobin  

Best Boy: Virgile Ratelle 

Chorégraphie et Interprète: Lauri-Ann Lauzon  

Direction artistique: Judith Maltais 

Assistants aux Décors: Adrien Baudet, Mathieu Lambert, Isaie Dumoulin 

Costumes: Marik Thexton

HMUA: Arielle  

BTS & Shadow director: Ariana Molly  

Coordination de production: Alexandre Potvin 

Assistant de Production: Léonie Fontaine  

Montage: Catherine White, Adrian Villagomez  

Colorisation: Simon Boisx chez Archetype  

Compositing: Philippe St-Arnaud  

Chargée de projet / Archetype: Khadija Ellouze 

Sound design: Ilyaa Ghafouri 

Titre: Alexis Coutu-Marion 

Effets Titres: Vincent Bilodeau 

Location d’équipement: Cineground, Main film  

Développement films: Niagara custom lab 



Allison Russell accepting the Billboard Canada Women in Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year award
Marc Thususka Photography

Allison Russell accepting the Billboard Canada Women in Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year award

Music News

Allison Russell Named Billboard Canada Women In Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year

The Nashville-based musician from Montreal has been having a huge year, including her first Grammy and her first Hot 100 appearance. Accepting the award on June 19 at the iHeartRadio Canada studio, she talked about her LGBTQ+ advocacy work and the importance of playing with underrepresented musicians.

It was a special Juneteenth for Allison Russell.

Not only did she serve as the special Toronto opener for Sarah McLachlan on the Canadian icon’s Fumbling Towards Ecstasy 30th anniversary tour, but she earned another big honour: Billboard Canada Women In Music Breakthrough Artist of the Year.

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