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From Richard Flohil’s Facebook page: Another blast from a distant past! k.d. lang and I worked for a year or two with her estimable manager, Larry Wanagas, before she got her first record deal.

Our Back Pages

By David Farrell

From Richard Flohil’s Facebook page: Another blast from a distant past! k.d. lang and I worked for a year or two with her estimable manager, Larry Wanagas, before she got her first record deal. We've met each other only once in the last 20-odd years, when she galloped over to me backstage at the Winnipeg Folk Festival, hugged me, and asked whether I was eating my vegetables yet. Dammit, I'm fond of her!


And on Saturday, Shauna de Cartier posted the following with visual on FB:

In February 2000, Joshu de Cartier and I drove across the country to make our mark…his in the film world and mine in music. A few months later, on June 20, 2000, Six Shooter Records Inc. was incorporated. So today, Helen Britton, Luke Doucet and I celebrate the 20th anniversary of our company. We had many plans of how we were going to commemorate this auspicious occasion, but a virus got in the way. So instead I’m posting this picture of me on zoom, which is how I spend most of my time these days lol.
Yesterday, Helen and I were given the most amazing gift of an hour-long video of well-wishers from many of the people who we’ve worked with in this amazing journey (thank you, Caitlin, for putting this together). I am overwhelmed by the love.
I would like to toast you all:
The 47 artists who have been a part of Six Shooter on either the label or management roster, or both, in chronological order: Captain Tractor, Veal, Richard Buckner, Luke Doucet, Martin Tielli, Christine Fellows, The Weakerthans, Rheostatics, Nick Buzz, NQ Arbuckle, Ford Pier, Justin Rutledge, Valery Gore, Chris Wynters, Elliott BROOD, Melissa McClelland, Royal Wood, Jenn Grant, Hawksley Workman, Amelia Curran, Shout Out Out Out Out, Good Lovelies, The Beauties, Trampled by Turtles, Henry Wagons, Whitehorse, The Deep Dark Woods, Harlan Pepper, Del Barber, Danny Michel, The Strumbellas, Joe Nolan, The Wet Secrets, Tanya Tagaq, Mary Gauthier, Shakey Graves, C&C Surf Factory, Sam Outlaw, Whitney Rose, Ensign Broderick, The Dead South, The Jerry Cans / Pai Gaalaqautikkut, Riit, Zaki Ibrahim, William Prince, JULY TALK, Skye Wallace.
The amazing Six Shooter team members, both past and current: Alexis Nicholai, Allison Outhit, Brunna Sant'Ana Ribeiro, Caitlin Veitch, Carolyn Thomas, Chris Peters, Chris Wynters, Daniel Brooks, Eli Klein, Emily Feist, Emily Smart, Erika Schmidt, Jack Jamieson, James Mejia, Jason Pearson, Jen Rogers, Jesse Brandon Northey, Kimmy Temps, Laura Mayo, Linda Forrest, Lyle Bell, Madelaine Courtice, Matt Maw, Michael McKeown, Michelle Aquilato, Morgan Coates, Nik Kozub, Pierre Bussieres, Reuben Coward, Robin Clarkson, Sandy McMillar, Sara Spears, Sara Stasiuk, Sarah Sleeth, Steve Lewin, Tim MacMillar, Trish Montle, Vanessa Kuzina, Victoria H.
My closest industry friends and champions: Susan de Cartier, Julien Paquin, Neville Quinlan, Colleen Theis, Sandy Pandya, Heather Gibson, Justin West, Jon Box, Darius Zelkha, Jesse Kumagai, Lisa Logutenkow, Kerry Clarke; my mentors: Bernie Finkelstein, Alexander Mair, Richard Flohil, Lloyd Nishimura, Steve Kane, Denise Donlon; the people who have actually invested in the company: Dave Thomas and most of all, John Macdonald. And of course my family.
All of these people, and many more...these are the people who built the house of Six Shooter. It is a work in progress. I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished together and I’m as excited as I have ever been to continue on this journey of great music, good times, and limitless love.
Cheers, everyone.


Tanya Tagaq
Katrin Naleid

Tanya Tagaq

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Tanya Tagaq Plays a Pivotal Role in 'True Detective' Season Finale

The Inuk artist provides vocals for the HBO series' soundtrack, and her song "Submerged" scores a pivotal moment in the season finale, in which she appears as an actress.

The new season of True Detective wrapped up this weekend, and timed with the tense final episode, HBO also released the show's gripping soundtrack. Inuk artist Tanya Tagaq, one of the most celebrated contemporary musicians in Canada, contributed to seven songs on the soundtrack as well as making appearances in the show herself.

Subtitled Night Country, the fourth season of the HBO detective show takes place in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska. It stars Jodie Foster and Kali Reis as Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro, two police officers trying to figure out how the recent bizarre deaths of six scientists are linked to the murder of Iñupiaq activist Annie Kowtok. Through its mystery framing, the show explores themes like colonial violence, environmental destruction, and missing and murdered Indigenous women.

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