Music Biz Headlines, Jan.29, 2020

Tami Neilson (pictured) readies a new album, Sled Island announces a guest curator, and the last decade on the Saskatoon scene. Others in the headlines include Roger Waters, Wolf Parade, the Grammys, Angel Bat Dawid, Bif Naked, The Go-Go’s, and SoundExchange.

Music Biz Headlines, Jan.29, 2020

By FYI Staff

Review: Wolf Parade reassert their vitality on Thin Mind

While their famous friends in Arcade Fire have changed with the times, this band's sound is preserved in indie rock granite – but the cultural tide has flowed back in their direction. – Stuart Berman, NOW

Grammys 2020: Is there room for an industry gatekeeper in the streaming era?

Our panellists break down what they saw last night and discuss the role of the Grammys in the music industry today. – q, CBC

Last year, the Chicago-based composer, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist released her debut album, The Oracle (she was 39 at the time). The spiritual, free-jazz album was recorded on her iPhone's voice memo app and she says it authentically represents herself. – Chris Stoodley, The Coast


Sudan Archives named guest curator for Sled Island 2020

Singer-songwriter and violinist Sudan Archives will be helping program Sled Island 2020. Her debut full-length, Athena, came out late last year, earning raves for its mix of R&B and African fiddle music. – Eric Volmers, Cagary Herald

Roger Waters brings his This Is Not A Drill tour to Vancouver

Vancouver prog-rock fans rejoice: Roger Waters's 31-date This Is Not A Drill tour will stop at Rogers Arena on September 14. “It’ll be a new show," says Waters in a press release issued by AEG Concerts. "It will be no-holds-barred. My work is to think, ‘Well, how can I make rock 'n' roll more interesting or theatrical or exciting or visual or musical or whatever?’ That’s what I’ve spent the last 50 years doing, expressing myself." – Steve Newton, Georgia Straight

Evolving sound: A look at the last 10 years of Saskatoon's music scene

A decade makes a lot of difference when it comes to the music industry, from performers to venue owners to publicists to fans. – Matt Olson, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

5 Questions with Tami Neilson

Canadian-born New Zealand resident Tami Neilson has been entertaining the masses most of her life. She’s won multiple awards and is known for her voice that brings to mind the early days of country and rockabilly music. Her new album, CHICKABOOM! is set to release on Valentine’s Day. – Ditty TV


Bif Naked to discuss CBD and the MonaLisaHealing arm of her ever-expanding empire at the Wellness Show

Bif Naked has never been happy to wear a single hat as far as her career goes.  Now she's headed to Vancouver to discuss her recent entry into the cannabidiol market. Naked and a support team launched an organic CBD product line in the fall of 2019 under the name MonaLisaHealing. On February 1 and 2 she'll speak at the Vancouver Convention Centre as part of the Wellness Show. – Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight


SoundExchange paid out $908m to artists and labels in 2019

The US performance rights org paid artists and labels $908.2m across the 12 months of 2019. That figure was down 4.7% on the same number from 2018, when the org delivered $952.8m to members in a record payout year. However, this dip was due to a one-off boost in 2018, which came when SoundExchange secured a $150m settlement agreed with Sirius XM, which was passed to members that year. – MBW

Grammys 2020: Billie Eilish's triumph overshadowed but well-deserved

Claims about voting ‘irregularities’ and inherent racism swirled around this year’s awards but Eilish brought a powerful emotional punch to proceedings. –  Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

Belinda Carlisle and Sundance filmmakers explore Go-Go’s evolution, music and storytelling

Alison Ellwood’s film puts a strong focus on the band’s pre-fame days in L.A.’s 1970s punk scene. “When you understand that that’s where they came from, you really can hear the punk roots in their pop music,” said the director. “That’s where their musicianship and talent as songwriters developed.” – The Los Angeles Times


Shaq’s Classic Song ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’ Featuring Biggie Is Finally on Streaming Services
Rb Hip Hop

Shaq’s Classic Song ‘You Can’t Stop the Reign’ Featuring Biggie Is Finally on Streaming Services

There's a more explicit Biggie verse in the vault, according to the NBA legend.

Shaq’s classic with Biggie is finally available on streaming services. The news was broken by FakeShoreDrive on X earlier this week, and the Hall of Fame big man confirmed the news Thursday afternoon (June 13).

The year is 1996 and Shaquille O’Neal and the Notorious B.I.G. are two of the biggest figures in their respective fields. Shaq was entering the last year of his deal with the Orlando Magic before he headed west to the Los Angeles Lakers at the end of the 1995-1996 season. Biggie was getting ready to release his sophomore album, Life After Death, while in the throws of a beef with 2Pac. Big name-dropped the NBA player on the song “Gimme the Loot” off his debut album, Ready to Die, and the two had a mutual respect for each other ever since.

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