Media Beat: May 24, 2019

By David Farrell

Why do major concerts keep cancelling on Edmonton?

Accident, illness and a last-minute schedule change are among the reasons major performers have given for cancelling recent shows in Edmonton.

But could it be that some of those big acts just didn't want to bother with the trip? – Ariel Fournier, CBC News

Lord Ballwasher of Crossharbour schmoozes a Trumpian pardon

Lord Conrad Black, First of His Name, The Unedited, King of Columns, Breaker of Laws, Flatterer of American Presidents, and Father of the National Post. Did Canada’s favourite criminal Lord just schmooze his way into a pardon from Donald Trump or is the American justice system to blame? Also, speaking of ancient things, Canada’s dusty old privacy laws are back in the spotlight thanks to the government’s new digital charter. – CanadaLand podcast


Harvey Weinstein said to reach $44M deal to settle lawsuits

The outcome of the settlement talks will be especially notable because the lawsuits are one of the main avenues by which Mr. Weinstein could be held responsible for his alleged actions. – Brooks Barnes and Jan Ransom, The New York Times

Facebook removed 3.3B fake accounts in past six months

In a new report, Facebook said it saw a "steep increase" in the creation of abusive, fake accounts in the past six months. While most of these fake accounts were blocked "within minutes" of their creation, the company said this increase of "automated attacks" by bad actors meant not only that it caught more of the fake accounts, but that more of them slipped through the cracks.

As a result, the company estimates that five percent of its 2.4 billion monthly active users are fake accounts. – AP

Woman accused of beating mom over game volume to stand trial

A woman will stand trial on allegations she beat her mother and shaved her head because she thought the older woman was listening to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ game too loudly on the radio. – AP

Mexican reporter shot dead in Playa del Carmen

Mexico is the most dangerous country for journalists in the Western Hemisphere, according to CPJ research. Last year, at least four journalists were murdered in the country in direct retaliation for their work. – CPJ


 What happened to the Shock Jock format?

With Howard Stern making the rounds to promote his book (and telling everyone he regrets how he behaved during his popular radio years), and Bubba losing his last Florida radio affiliate, it got us wondering — what happened to radio’s shock jock format? – Radio Ink

Courtesy of Vertigo Live



Iceland Rock Band KALEO's 'Rock N Roller' is This Week's Hot New Radio Track in Canada

Toronto band jackie's "Perfume" and Nova Scotian singer-songwriter Maggie Andrew's "About Us" are also making their way onto radio playlists.

The following are tracks delivered to radio by digital distributor Yangaroo in Canada and broken down into three categories. Top Downloads and Top Canadian Downloads represent the most copied tracks in the week ending June 7. Most Active Indies blends downloads and streams, with the affiliated label and radio promotions company in parentheses.

Top Downloads

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