Media Beat: June 24, 2021

Media Beat: June 24, 2021

By David Farrell

Bill C-10: Passed and Failed amendments

Here’s a summary of what’s passed and failed in the controversial bill that is seeking to amend and update the span of the Broadcasting Act. The legislation passed pushed through Parliament in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, with a vote of 196-112 in favour and the Conservatives voting against it.

The rancour over the bill has been under attack for potentially impinging on the right to free speech online and could force streaming services to comply with regulations traditional broadcasters must follow, such as contributing funds to CanCon and ensuring domestic content is also easily found by viewers.


The bill’s most vocal and visible dissident is law prof and widely read columnist Michael Geist who wrote on his blog on June 22: “The bill now heads to the Senate, where based on reports, it is unlikely to get very far. Senator Dennis Dawson, a former Liberal MP and currently a member of the Progressive Senator Group, says there is a “zero-per-cent chance” the Senate will approve it by the end of this week when it breaks for the summer. Moreover, Conservative Senator Leo Housakos said “there doesn’t seem to be any momentum to pass this and rubber-stamp this without thorough review.”– & Michael Geist

Pattison Media expands with Everything Podcasts’ creative team

The western Canadian media company owned by billionaire Jim Pattison has taken a financial position in Everything Podcasts, a Vancouver-based firm offering a turnkey solution to companies, brands, and organizations wanting a presence in the webisode media business.

Headquartered in Kamloops, B.C., Pattison Media, is the country’s largest, private, western-based media company with interests in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba that includes 45 FM and 3 AM radio stations, 3 television stations, 17 online news portals. Other divisions owned by Pattison Group has made it the second largest privately held company in Canada. According to a company prospectus, Pattison’s holdings span food and beverage retail and distribution, specialty packaging, advertising, magazine distribution, broadcasting, and automotive retailing. Annual sales are cited at $8.4B, and with a head-count of 39K.


Holdings include Guinness World Records, Ripley’s Believe It or Not (more than 95 attractions in 10 countries), and the Overwaitea Food Group that operates 140 supermarkets in the west.

A sell-sheet for foreign buyers wanting in on Canada’s real estate market

In part, it reads: “If you’re a non-resident collecting rent on the property in Canada, your income is subject to a 25% withhold tax on the gross rent received. Your tax obligation can end here, but if you choose, you can file taxes with the CRA and have that amount reduced by your expenses. Claimable expenses include mortgage interest, property taxes, property maintenance, and repairs. To claim income on your rental property as a foreign owner, you must file an NR6 with the CRA. This has to be approved by the CRA.” – Sotheby’s Canada

Europe’s top court hands win to YouTube in user copyright fight

Google’s YouTube has scored a win in its latest copyright-infringement challenge after Europe’s top court said online platforms are not liable for users uploading unauthorized works unless the platforms failed to take quick action to remove or block access to the content. – Foo Yun Chee, Reuters


Social Media statistics worth knowing

3.78B – Estimated number of people using the platforms.

2.5 hours – That’s the amount of time per day people are spending on social networks and messaging.

73% – That’s the number marketers believe social media has been “somewhat” or “very” effective for their businesses.

54% – Parentage of customers who use social media to research products.

49% – Percentage of consumers who depend on Influencer recommendations on social media.

91% – Percentage of social media users who access channels on a mobile device.

TikTok's metrics that have caught the eyes and ears of the music industry

According to the company, 176 songs reached 1 billion video views on TikTok via different paths. Drake's ultra-viral Toosie Slide generated a billion views in three days, and WAP by Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion did the same in two weeks. Other songs, such as Harry Styles' Watermelon Sugar and Surf Mesa's ily (i love you baby) had slow but steady climbs over the better part of a year. 


The list below counts down the ten fastest songs to reach 1 billion video views. Included are rap hits from regional stars like Detroit's Sada Baby and Houston's BeatKing, and songs by artists like Popp Hunna and WhoHeem who were virtually unknown before their viral moment. Songs didn't have to be new, or even recently released, to cross the billion-view threshold: Say I Yi Yi (2002) and Where Is The Love? (2003) demonstrated how the TikTok community can turn catalogue cuts into viral hits.
1 Toosie Slide - Drake
2 WAP (feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B
3.Therefore I Am - Billie Eilish
4.Lets Link - WhoHeem
5.Say I Yi Yi - Ying Yang Twins
6.Where Is The Love? - The Black Eyed Peas
7.Whole Lotta Choppas - Sada Baby
8.Adderall (Corvette Corvette) - Popp Hunna
9.Mood Swings - Pop Smoke
10.THICK - DJ Chose & Beatking

Soleil Launière
Jaime Antonio Luna Quezada

Soleil Launière


Soleil Launière wins the Francouvertes: “It means a lot to me as an Indigenous artist”

Meet the Innu artist, big winner of the 2024 edition of the showcase-competition, who is the first Indigenous artist to win since the Quebec music competition started allowing submissions in Indigenous languages.

Soleil Launière has won the 28th edition of Francouvertes, becoming the first Indigenous artist to win the Quebec-based music competition.

The multidisciplinary Innu artist from Mashteuiatsh, Quebec won the grand final of the musical showcase on Monday, May 13. The Montreal-based artist edged out rapper Sensei H and maximalist rock singer-songwriter Loïc Lafrance.

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