Media Beat: June 01, 2023

Media Beat: June 01, 2023

By David Farrell

A Broadcast Dialogue podcast has Jimmy Pattison in conversation with Pattison Media President Rod Schwen

Bell CEO warns ‘interventionist’ regulations could lead telcos to curtail investments

Speaking at a luncheon this week, Bell CEO Mirko Bibic said that “Our regulator’s telling us that we have to give access to the new networks that our people, our partners and our capital are building and they’re telling us the rates we have to charge for that access. That’s not how a competitive market should be regulated. (It) certainly doesn’t strengthen the quality or resiliency of the networks and services you all rely on.” – Sammy Hudes, The Canadian Press


The Twitter clown show

One of them used to be the richest man in the world. The other one used to be the Republican Party's Next Big Thing.  Now, together, they are America's default late-night punch line.

It's not easy to make the Trumpster look competent, but these two clowns put their heads together and came up with one of the most blissfully idiotic and blundering performances in media history.

Twitter's Chief Technology Officer and America's Chief Sanctimony Officer (yes, sometimes even Donny is right) got together on Twitter to announce that Ron DeSantis would be running for President of the United States. And in so doing they made certain that there is one thing Ron DeSantis will never be -- President of the United States.

May I make a personal statement here? I am no Einstein when it comes to technology. But in my role as a professional loudmouth, I find myself often appearing on podcasts and videocasts. And, as a person who is constitutionally averse to embarrassment, I do some very advanced technological groundwork before I make any appearances. I make sure MY FUCKING MICROPHONE IS WORKING.

Apparently, these two geniuses and their crack backup teams couldn't figure out how to mute a mic or make one work. And for the first time since Musk took over the helm, something wonderful actually happened on Twitter.


I am curious to know why DeSantis thought that announcing on Twitter with Musk was a good idea. First of all, only about 20% of Americans are active Twitter users. And about 0% of them are old Republicans - the kind who vote in primaries. 

And what prodigy thought that launching DeSantis -- god’s chosen holy roller -- on a platform that is now about 15% porn posts was a good idea?

Additionally, Musk is clearly damaged goods. Any reputation that Musk had as some kind of genius evaporated months ago as he turned Twitter into a disastrous pile of shit, the Justice Department started investigating his so-called self-driving cars, and his latest rocket ship blew up on takeoff.

Is it possible that politicians and space cadets are even dumber than marketers? –– Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian

No Talk Radio Day successfully launched Down Under

No Talk Radio Day in its 5th year Down Under

In 5 weeks, Triple M will embark on its 5th annual No Talk Day.


Shaun Gough is now Content Manager at 3 Triple M in Melbourne Australia an SCA (Southern Cross Austereo) a major market station and the co-founder of the national project designed to encourage listeners to start talking about mental health issues.

The annual one-day, 6 am–6 pm awareness campaign turns the mics off on all Triple M stations, meaning no announcers, no news, no traffic reports, and no ads.

Instead, Gough explains, stations will feature music and targeted messaging around mental health and men’s mental health specifically.

“The idea: Triple M’s not talking to encourage you to start talking about mental health,” he explained in an e-mail.


“We encourage you to have a mental health conversation for yourself or someone you care about.”

“I get that it’s one day of radio – but it leaves a mark.”

In Canada, mediaResults’ Dave Charles is hoping the idea catches on here. “This is one of the most primal radio promotions you’ll ever run.  Primal connects the head to the heart and leaves a lasting impression.  Radio needs to create more ways to do this to become relevant and meaningful,” he says.

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Canadian media promoter Cliff Dumas, president of BTC Holdings, announced on LinkedIn that he’s “thrilled to now be part of the ownership of  23 radio stations in 5 states that are part of (Canadian-owned, Delaware-based) the Local First Media Group.

Jenny West (Cooney) has been named this year’s winner of the Allan Waters Young Broadcaster of the Year Award. She’s heard afternoons on Pattison Media-owned The Zone 91.3 in Victoria. will be recognized during the Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame Awards Luncheon on June 9 as part of Canadian Music Week’s Radio Days North America conference in Toronto.

The Radio Trailblazers Rosalie Award reception is set for Tuesday, June 6 at Centennial Ballroom at the Liberty Grand, Exhibition Place. Doors open at 5 pm. This year’s celebrity belle is Maie Pauts.

Telecom competition intensifies after the Rogers deal, but the trend could be short-livedThe Globe and Mail

The Fox that cried wolf too many times – ABC News Australia

A news editor quit The Messenger days before launch: The website has made publishing an exorbitant amount of content a focal point of its launch. In its first two days, the company published more than 400 pieces, according to the Nieman Lab’s Joshua Benton. Those stories were most often an aggregation of other outlets’ work, though The Messenger has published several exclusives on topics ranging from Donald Trump to Taylor Swift’s latest romantic relationship. – Corbin Bolies, The Daily Beast


Vanessa Heins


Music News

Alexisonfire Are Releasing a Live Album from Their Hometown Born & Raised Festival

The St. Catharines, Ontario band are bringing the festival back this summer, and they'll release LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines ON just in time for fans to hear it first.

After a two year hiatus, Alexisonfire are resurrecting their hometown festival Born & Raised on July 5 and 6 at Montebello Park in St. Catharines, Ontario. Just in time, they're releasing a live album from the last time they held the festival, in 2022.

The album, LIVE Born & Raised 2022, St Catharines ON, captures their career-spanning set from the inaugural edition of the festival. In front of their hometown fans, they played songs from throughout their more-than-two-decades long career.

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