Media Beat: January 17, 2020

Straight from the heart: CEO Bob Pittman deflects message about mass layoffs at iHeartMedia US

Media Beat: January 17, 2020

By David Farrell

Straight from the heart: CEO Bob Pittman deflects message about mass layoffs at iHeartMedia US

“iHeart is the rare example of a major traditional media company that has made the successful transformation into a 21st-century media company — one with unparalleled scale, reaching 91% of Americans each month with our broadcast assets alone, more than any other media company, We are now using our considerable investments in technology to modernize our operations and infrastructure, further setting us apart from traditional media companies; improve our services to our consumers and advertising partners; and enhance the work environment for our employees.”

Rogers announces 5G network rollout

Rogers 5G services first in downtown Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal before expanding into over 20 more markets by the end of the year, in advance of 5G-enabled devices becoming available this year.


Rogers has partnered with Sweden's Ericsson to provide the technology needed to build the network. — Rogers

Mary Ellen Carlyle becomes first Canadian inducted into Sports Broadcasting HoF

The Senior Vice President and general manager of Dome Productions was honoured at a ceremony in NYC.

How a local paper thrives while newspaper giants tank

Author and musician Dave Bidini explains why he decided to launch a new community newspaper in 2017, and how, as the West End Phoenix’s publisher, editor and subscription pitchman, he and his team have kept it going in an era when larger papers are declining. — Dave Bidini, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting

A definitive guide to streaming sites in Canada

Can you even get Hulu in Canada? How much does Crave cost with all the good HBO and Showtime shows? And why is it all so confusing?! We have answers. —  JP Larocque, Flair

NYT hits $800M online subs goal a year ahead of schedule

The Grey Lady now has more than 5M total subscriptions, up more than 16% from a year earlier. — Rob Daniel, The Street

iHeart cans more people as its inventory of canned shows evolve

The largest radio conglomerate in the US, iHeartMedia, initiated a round of mass layoffs this week, cutting enough people that one former on-air host described Tuesday as “one of the worst days in on-air radio history.” The layoffs were concentrated in small and medium markets, where staffs had already been reduced, striking another major blow to local radio. — Elias Leight, Rolling Stone


Avon hopes to save company using social media

Nature & Co., a Brazilian cosmetics company that purchased Avon, a 134-year-old direct seller, aims “to modernize a company in which representatives still rely largely on paper brochures and door-to-door visits,” according to The Wall Street Journal. Natura hopes to turn Avon’s nearly five million representatives into online influencers who sell makeup and lotion on social media, through mobile apps and even in their own physical retail shops. — Sharon Terlep, WSJ

Rich people are staying healthy for almost a decade longer than poor people

Rich people live healthy, disability-free lives an average of nine years longer than less wealthy people, according to a major study that lays bare the troubling economic inequalities behind lifespans in the US and UK. — Rob Picheta, CNN

Ken Jennings named Jeopardy’s greatest champ

The Seattle-based software engineer turned author became a household name during his record 74-game winning streak, which was the longest in the game show's history.

Tuesday night's victory brought his winnings total to $4.37M. — CNN

Media attention can be a nightmare for litigants

Even with a lawyer’s advice, navigating the media can be tricky. The Federation of Ontario Law Associations posted a “Media 101” video for lawyers at the end of December, and the Canadian Bar Association ran a guide on “feeding the media” at the end of November. —  Anita Balakrishnan, Law Times


Tesla dashboard now lets you create beats

The electric car maker continues to update the software in its cars with novel features. A recent software update included Tesla's TRAX — a digital audio workstation (DAW) that allows owners to produce beats all in the comfort of their own car. In this advertorial below, music producer 'The Hyphenate' makes a beat using Tesla's new TRAX feature — Evvanex, InsideEVs

I Am: Celine Dion
Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios © Amazon Content Services LLC

I Am: Celine Dion

Tv Film

‘I Am: Celine Dion’ Documentary Release Date Revealed: Here’s When It’s Coming

The global icon's new documentary is coming to Prime Video. Get all the details.

Forget “The Power of Love,” the world is going to get an up-close behind-the-scenes look at the power of Céline Dion in her new documentary, which finally received an official release date.

On Tuesday (April 16), via a joint Instagram post on the official pages for Dion and Prime Movies, Amazon MGM Studios announced that I Am: Céline Dion will begin streaming globally on Prime Video on June 25.

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