Media Beat: February 25, 2018

By David Farrell

Ottawa looking to apply non-profit status to media companies: source

The next federal budget will include short-term financial help for embattled media groups, in addition to opening the door to giving a non-profit status to news organizations to help them cope with dwindling advertising revenues, federal sources tell Canadian Press.

Ottawa to pledge $50 million for local journalism in budget

Tuesday’s federal budget will commit $50 million over five years to support local journalism across Canada, the Star has learned. It is also expected to feature gender equality as a theme.

Radio 2 is changing its name

CBC Music is the name of everything we do, from our 24/7 cross-Canada radio service, to our live music events, to our editorial content available on-line and on television. is the online digital platform from which you can access both the digital on-air signal and over 100 curated music genre stations – CBC press release


1940s transmitter finds a new home in old jail

The massive transmitter is being moved from the former RCI site to the former Dorchester jail – Tom Weldon, CBC News

Jean-Marie Heimrath joins Matt Cundill on the ‘Sound Off’ Podcast

Jean-Marie Heimrath has always been fascinated by the business of the entertainment industry. Whether it be during his time working in the record industry for Island Records, while working on radio syndication for the Sound Source Radio Network, or while being at the forefront of streaming with Iceberg Radio, Jean-Marie's knowledge of monetizing content is incredible. He will have you re-thinking exactly what business you are in – continue reading here

Apple subscription movie & TV-on-demand service rumours

Rumours that Apple has been planning to launch a subscription streaming service have been around for years, now the company has launched its first shows and hired people to help it create more. – Macworld

PIO who tripped Trudeau runs internet radio in BC

JALANDHAR: Who is Jaspal Atwal, the Canadian national of Punjabi origin, who is becoming a major embarrassment for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his ongoing visit to India? Atwal runs Vancouver-based Media Waves internet radio network which has programs on everything from news on Trump and NFL American football league to constant streaming of Gurbani. The radio station also has a series on the history of the Khalistani movement. – The Times of India


The US is going to make streaming services pay more for music

The National Music Publishers Association said the ruling, which has not yet been made public, will require streaming companies to give 15.1 percent of their revenue to songwriters and music publishers. The previous rate was 10.5 percent – Reuters

Facebook just announced another music licensing deal

The platform followed up on the music-licensing deals it announced last month by reaching an agreement for its first “multi-territorial” music license with online licensing processing and licensing solutions provider ICE Services – The Verge

Facebook could be preparing to enter streaming music market

Discussions about the streaming music industry usually focus on companies like Spotify, Pandora Music, and Apple Music. But Facebook's recent deal with music licensing group and copyright database ICE Services indicates that it might also want a piece of the pie –

What song would you drop?

It was an entirely innocuous song that spurred the discussion. I was scheduling a music log for a Classic Hits station, trying to find a way to segue into “Listen to the Music” by the Doobie Brothers that didn’t tank the momentum of the station. Once one of the safest songs you could play, “Listen to the Music” has reached the point where it’s old enough, and old-sounding enough, that it sporadically tests playable, but it’s no longer a song that the audience demands. Maybe I should reach out to the PD, I thought. Maybe he feels the same way – Sean Ross, Megatrax Blog


How Newsweek collapsed

It stands accused of improper ties to a religious institution. Its newsroom has been gutted by firings and resignations. Here is the inside story of the magazine’s explosive growth and spectacular downfall – William Oremus, Slate

Anchor’s new app offers everything you need to podcast

Though Anchor had been targeting short-form audio, professional podcasters began using its app in greater numbers last year to take advantage of several of its tools. This included Anchor videos, which turns audio into shareable, video clips (which will be re-added to the new app in a later release), as well as a “call-ins” feature which allows them to receive voice messages from listeners that could be later integrated into a new episode. – Sarah Perez, TechCrunch




Longtime radio broadcaster Roger D. LeBrecht, known to “Don” to his friends, died Feb. 22 at age 80. He spent more than four decades in broadcasting and retired 14 years ago to Lakewood Ranch, Fla. He went on to hold various management posts at CHFI-FM Toronto; WPAT-AM-FM New York; WDVR Philadelphia and EZ Communications in Washington. Over the years he held various management posts at CHFI-FM Toronto; WPAT-AM-FM New York; WDVR Philadelphia and EZ Communications in Washington.

Celine Dion
Courtesy Photo

Celine Dion


Celine Dion Battled Extreme Muscle Spasms From Stiff-Person Syndrome With Dangerously High Doses of Valium: ‘It Could Have Been Fatal’

The singer opened up about her decade-long struggle with the rare neurological disorder in Tuesday night's (June 11) primetime NBC special.

Celine Dion was so desperate to alleviate the pain from severe muscle spasms during her secret, nearly two-decade-long battle with the rare neurological and autoimmune disease Stiff-Person Syndrome that she took near-lethal doses of Valium in search of relief. In her one-hour primetime NBC special on Tuesday night (June 11), Dion said she took up to 90 milligrams of the medication used to treat anxiety, seizures and muscle spasms, an amount that is more than twice the recommended daily dose.

“I did not know, honestly, that it could kill me. I would take, for example before a performance, 20 milligrams of Valium, and then just walking from my dressing room to backstage — it was gone,” Dion said of the instant pain relief the medication offered at levels, however that “could have been fatal” if she’d continued at that pace. “At one point, the thing is, that my body got used to it at 20 and 30 and 40 [milligrams] until it went up. And I needed that. It was relaxing my whole body. For two weeks, for a month, the show would go on… but then you get used to [and] it doesn’t work anymore.”

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