Media Beat: February 14, 2018

By David Farrell

Quebecor donates $15M to University Hospital Foundation

Quebecor donated $ 15M to the University Hospital Foundation of Montreal (CHUM) on Tuesday. This is the largest donation ever received by the University Hospital Foundation since its inception in 1998.

"As a company, we have this responsibility to be in solidarity with our community. It was an engagement of my father, Pierre Péladeau, and Quebecor never forgot it, "explained the president and CEO of Quebecor, Pierre Karl Péladeau, in a statement.

As a sign of recognition, the amphitheatre of the new CHUM will bear the name of Pierre Péladeau, "in honour of this visionary businessman," explained the Foundation. The inauguration of this amphitheater, which will serve to promote health and disseminate information, will take place in 2021.


The CHUM Foundation's fundraising campaign aims to raise $ 300M to acquire new equipment and support research activities. To date, 75% of the campaign's target has been reached.

Nominations for the 2018 Rosalie Award are now open

Do you know a woman achieving success and blazing trails in radio in Canada? Honour her contributions by nominating her for the prestigious Rosalie Award. Please take a few minutes to fill in the 2018 Rosalie Award Nomination form here.

The award recognizes Canadian women who have blazed new trails in radio. Rosalie Award recipients are women who have had successful careers in the radio industry and are seen as leaders, mentors, and people making a difference in our business.

Rosalie Award winners are selected based on five key criteria:

– Career Success
– Leadership Qualities
– Entrepreneurial Spirit
– Spirit of Generosity
– Mentorship

Kirstine Stewart on the limits of “leaning in

As the former head of the CBC and Twitter Canada embarks on her new role at Toronto-based mobile tech firm TribalScale, she says it’s time for business to adapt to women’s needs—not the other way around – Catherine McIntyre, Maclean’s

Radio is streaming’s next frontier

Streaming music has got where it has today mainly by being the future of retail and replacing the download model, which in turn replaced the CD model (though vestiges of both remain). That premium model will continue to be the beating heart of streaming revenues for the foreseeable future but will not be enough on its own. The next big opportunity for streaming is to become the future of radio, which incidentally is around double the size of the recorded music market. In doing so, it will be a classic case of disruptive insurgents stealing market share from long-standing incumbents.


The opportunity for streaming is to build ad revenue around the younger audiences that are simply not engaging with traditional radio in the way that previous generations of young music fans once did – MIDiA Research

A few facts gleaned from Feb. 13th’s World Radio Day

  • 44,000: Number of radio stations worldwide
  • 94%: Percent of adults that listen to radio weekly
  • Hear Favorite Songs: Number 1 reason why people listen to the radio
  • Radio and Sports: Theme for 2018 World Radio Day, with a focus on gender equality, and diversity in sports coverage.
  • Football: The first sport to be broadcast on the radio. In 1912, University of Minnesota home games were broadcasted to a small audience. Sports broadcasts were limited until 1921 due to war regulations.
  • KDKA in Pittsburgh:  The first commercial radio station in the world, launched in 1920 and still exists today.
  • 706: Number of Titanic survivors which were saved due to the capabilities of radio communication
  • "You've Lost That Love Feeling" - Righteous Brothers: Number 1 song played on the radio in the 20th century

Vanity Fair digs into AT&T’s planned takeover of Time Warner and how it plans to reap big savings from CNN’s imprint in the digital space, and that includes as many as a dozen job cuts this week.

– The New York Times’s audio news report, “The Daily,” plans to extend its current following of 4.5M monthly unique listeners to the national radio audience. Beginning in April, American Public Media (APM) will distribute a radio edition of the popular daily podcast to public radio listeners across the country.


– T-Mobile paid about $325M to acquire Layer3 TV, the Denver-based MVPD, according to a 10-Q document filed as T-Mobile released Q4 2017 financial results – Multichannel News

Yseult, Sevdaliza and Pabllo Vittar

Yseult, Sevdaliza and Pabllo Vittar

Chart Beat

Sevdaliza, Pabllo Vittar & Yseult's Multilingual Hit 'Alibi' Debuts on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100

The single by the Iranian-Dutch Sevdaliza brings together a host of cultures and styles in a winning mix that features French singer Yseult and Brazilian drag queen Pabllo Vittar and samples Colombian legend Magín Díaz.

A viral song featuring no less than four languages has debuted on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 this week.

"Alibi" by Iranian-Dutch singer Sevdaliza arrives at No. 96 on the chart, while it holds the No. 19 spot on Billboard's Global 200.

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