Foo Fighters' 'Waiting On A War' Is This Week's Radio Top Add


Top Downloads:

Foo Fighters' 'Waiting On A War' Is This Week's Radio Top Add

By FYI Staff


Top Downloads:

  1. Foo Fighters “Waiting On A War” (RCA/Sony)

  2. Tim McGraw & Tyler Hubbard “Undivided” (Big Machine)

  3. Robyn Ottolini “F-150” (Warner)

  4. Scotty McCreery “You Time” (Triple Tigers/Sony)

  5. Ariana Grande (feat. Doja Cat & Megan Thee Stallion) “34+35 (Remix)” (Republic/Universal)

  6. Blake Shelton “Minimum Wage” (Warner)

  7. Aya Nakamura “Plus jamais (ft. Stormzy)” (Warner)

  8. Justin Bieber “Anyone” (Def Jam/Universal)

  9. The Pretty Reckless feat. Tom Morello “And So It Went” (Century Media/Sony)

  10. Tyler Shaw “When You’re Home” (Sony)


Top CanCon Downloads:

  1. Robyn Ottolini “F-150” (Warner)

  2. Tyler Shaw “When You’re Home” (Sony)

  3. Classified “I Love It (feat. Just Chase)” (Half Life/Universal)

  4. Forest Blakk “If You Love Her” (Warner)


  5. MonoWhales “Out With The Old” (TRUE/With A Bullet Promo)

  6. The Washboard Union “If She Only Knew” (Warner)

  7. Rayne “Envious” (Mad Bell/DMD Promo)

  8. Charlotte Cardin “Passive Aggressive” (CULT NATION/Sony)

  9. Bad Child “$1,000,000” (21 Ent/Universal)

  10. Ryland James “Blame” (21 Ent/Universal)


Most Active Indies:

  1. Rayne “Envious” (Mad Bell/DMD Promo)

  2. Jerry Sereda “Anywhere But Me” (Indie)

  3. MonoWhales “Out With The Old” (TRUE/With A Bullet Promo)

  4. Drew Gregory “Beer With Anyone (The Barn Sessions)” (Sirroma)

  5. Daniel Lanois “Power” (eOne)

  6. Atman “Assume” (Spiritz)

  7. Phil Lauzon “Break My Own Heart” (MNOW/Catchin’ Waves Promo)

  8. Gregg Bolger “When The Moon Comes Up” (Indie/Principle Projects Promo)

  9. Armond Duck Chief “Thinkin’ Bout You” (Indie/B. Martineau Promo)

  10. Brandi Vezina “Danger” (Indie/L. Tutty Promo)

The cast of "Stereophonic"
Julieta Cervantes

The cast of "Stereophonic"


Will Butler on Writing the Tony-Nominated Music for ‘Stereophonic’: ‘It Was Like a Thousand-Piece Puzzle With 200 Pieces Missing’

The former Arcade Fire member has two nominations for his stunning songs, written for a fictional (but very believable) rock band onstage.

Will Butler’s first meeting with playwright David Adjmi was fairly open-ended: a friend had told Butler that Adjmi — a fan of Arcade Fire, the band Butler was in at the time — was working on a play about a band and that Butler could “write the music or just consult or whatever.”

But from their first sit-down at a diner near New York’s theatre district, Adjmi’s vision was “instantly recognizable” to Butler: “Like, oh, it’s a demo — it’s like a transcendental thing that they can never recapture. You have things falling apart because the headphones sound bad, you have people yelling at each other over music but it’s because of how their dad treated them,” he recalls with a laugh.

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