Alexisonfire: Mistaken Information

Mellow strings help make this an atmospheric epic.

Alexisonfire: Mistaken Information

By Kerry Doole

Alexisonfire - Mistaken Information (Dine Alone): The still-unfolding success story of hardcore heroes Alexisonfire is a remarkable one. The band's popularity seemed to grow during a long hiatus, thanks in part to member Dallas Green's phenomenal solo success as City and Colour.

AOF recently released Otherness, its first full-length album in over 13 years. It debuted at #2 on the Top 20 album chart, the single Sans Soleil followed suit at Rock Radio in Canada, and international and domestic critics dished up near-unanimous praise.

Mistaken Information is the new single and video from the album. The video was directed by Nedda Afsari and the creative team at Muted Widows, who also shot the album artwork. The same models and actors are featured in the Otherness artwork — and the eye-catching clip charts the course of the album art.


In a label press release, Afsari states "I love working on all-encompassing projects, making videos that tie into photos for album art. Michael E. Linn shot tons of footage for the album photo shoot and knew we wanted to incorporate that into Mistaken Information. We created a deja vu world where dreams blend with reality, and nothing is certain."

The track itself will surprise those expecting the go for the throat screamo approach of early Alexisonfire. This features a mellow strings-drenched opening and resonant guitar, and the atmospheric mood remains through the track, culminating in swelling then fading strings at the conclusion. The band's ability to reinvent itself musically is clearly a factor in its longevity.

Alexisonfire embark on a US tour starting Sept. 14 in Cleveland, followed by a European and UK dates in October. Check the itinerary here.






Publicity: Cristina Fernandes, Listen Harder


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