2023 Prism Prize Eligible Videos: The Spirit Of Halloween

October is here, which means that Halloween will soon be upon us. October is the season of all things dark, bewitching, eerie, and sinister. So, we’ve chosen 5 Prism Prize 2023 eligible music videos that will send chills down your spin or inspire you to cast a spell. 

2023 Prism Prize Eligible Videos: The Spirit Of Halloween

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October is here, which means that Halloween will soon be upon us. October is the season of all things dark, bewitching, eerie, and sinister. So, we’ve chosen 5 Prism Prize 2023 eligible music videos that will send chills down your spin or inspire you to cast a spell. 

Devon Cole -  W.I.T.C.H. 

Devon Cole was born in Calgary but is currently based in Toronto. Cole is an indie-pop singer with half a million followers on TikTok who writes clever lyrics backed by catchy melodies. Released in July, W.I.T.C.H. is all about celebrating women’s strength and is an homage to the rebellious women in history who were judged to be witches, simply because they did not fit in society’s mould. The music video echoes these sentiments through the enchanting costumes, the captivating dance choreography and the various ‘witchy’ scenes - including a fun ouija board sequence. If you want to feel like you’re a part of a witches' coven going against the current, then this is the music video for you. 



Production Company: IBUKI Studios

Producer: Michael Ren

Writer & Director: Martin Klapperbien

Director of Photography: Julian Lomaga

Choreographer & Editor: Michelle Hanitijo

Art Director: Steve Bennett

Dancers: Moyor Nicole, Elyse Reynolds, Quinn Venable, Cindy Seo, Akinyi Oketch, Ruriko Horiguchi


The Golden Age of Wrestling -  Instant Coffin 

The Golden Age of Wrestling is a Vancouver-based glambient music project by musician Devours. Instant Coffi’ is a song off of the album Crossface Chicken Wing, which was released in February 2022. The music video for Instant Coffin, directed by Medusa Wyatt, immediately draws you in with the shot of the back tattoo and the eerie melody of the song which gives the video an overall ominous feel throughout. The actions in the video are played out relatively slowly which gives an air of mystery, we don’t know what’s going on or why. At one point in the video, we see him burning a photograph very slowly, it really adds to the overall ambiance of the video. Overall, the eerie beats of the song paired with the uncertainty of what is happening is a fantastic and spine-chilling combination.  



Vi -  Dead To You

Alt-pop artist Vi’s single Dead To You was released in February 2022 and is the second track on her 2022 album Afterlife. Dead To You is a song all about needing to kill off the memories from a past relationship. Vi and her band perfect this song throughout the video against a colourful background. Throughout the video we see lots of shadows, various non-traditional camera angles, and a few closeups - it adds something extra to the band's performance. The lyrics of Dead To You could very well be the beginning of a horror movie with a final girl-esque perspective. Overall, the music video leans into that ‘villain era’ aesthetic we’ve been seeing online - and it’s the perfect video for anyone who wants to forget their ex….or get rid of them. 


Directed by Hayley Lennox


Creative Direction by Cugini Hub and Christina Pasion

DOP - Artfilm Canada

Editor and Colourist - Ricardo Cugini Hub

PA - Hollie Mallette 

Vocals - Vi

Drums - Atom

Guitar - fvvkes

Music Production - createdbyatom 

Location and Studio - Cugini Cyclorama 

Artist Management - Hayley Lennox at Eclipse Mgmt


Grae -  Room In The Desert 



Singer-songwriter Grae grew up in Elora, Ontario and is currently based in Toronto. Her alternative-pop songs are overflowing with catchy hooks and smokey vocals. Room In The Desert comes off her debut album Whiplash which was released this past April. This music video should be listed under the definition for ‘entrancing.’ Grae is effervescent in all forms, with artistic and colourful costumes throughout. Right off the bat, her voice will put a spell on you, and will keep you entranced during the whole video. The video has a lot of dark lighting with frequent circular red spotlights which looks like a full moon. It’s the perfect background for Grae as she gives off enchantress and dark witch energy, completed by her costumes and the eerie ambiance provided by the melody. 



Director Gemma Warren

Producer Duy Nguyen

DOP John Ker

Steadicam Ali Khurshid

Production Designer Caitlin Doherty

HMU Lisa Kolmakova

Wardrobe Carla Candela

Editor Kat Yi

Color Dante Pasquinelli

Production Coordinator Gennelle Cruz

Production Assistant Octavio Caceres

1st AC Tom Wood

2nd AC Ashley Mach

Key Grip Jon Glendon

Best Halyna Sadovy

Gaffer Adrian Antonecchia

Swing Chris Yue

Art Assistant Lando Cortez

Color Producer Sam Cesan

Title Design Lauren Armstrong 


Sunglaciers -  Out Of My Skull



Hailing from Calgary, this indie rock quartet are all about eclectic sounds that work seamlessly together. Out Of My Skull is the third track on their album Subterranea which was released in 2022 and was produced by 2022 Prism Prize nominee Chad VanGaalen. The music video for Out Of My Skull was directed by Evan Resnik and it is captivating. Full of dark and grey lighting, this video plays with shadows and creates various intriguing effects. With the scenes spotlit by white lighting the mugshot-like frames gives the video an eerie ambiance. In the group shots, we see the band holding skulls as props and there’s this feeling of being in a haunted house - which is aided by the fast-paced yet chilling melody. All in all, this video definitely plays into the Halloween aesthetic.   


Mélanie Renaud
Courtesy photo

Mélanie Renaud


Obituaries: Quebec Singer Mélanie Renaud, Saxophone Legend David Sanborn

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Mélanie Renaud, a Quebec singer, died on May 14, at age 42, from ovarian cancer.

The Haiti-born artist, who was adopted by Quebecois parents when she was eight months old, was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer more than seven years ago.

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