2023 Prism Prize Eligible Videos: Five Clips Incorporating Animation

Using animation in music videos is a creative way to bring vibrancy and life to a song.

2023 Prism Prize Eligible Videos: Five Clips Incorporating Animation

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Using animation in music videos is a creative way to bring vibrancy and life to a song. This computer-generated art form can often tell a story in ways that live-action videos are not able to portray. So, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic music videos which feature animation in a unique and dynamic way.   

Maylee Todd - Show Me

3D artist and musician Maylee Todd showcases her unique animation style in the music video for Show Me. This minimalist and futuristic animated music video has bright colours which match the aesthetic of the animation as well as the synthesised melody of the song.  


Living Hour - Miss Miss Miss 

Living Hour’s music video for Miss Miss Miss is directed and animated by Rebekah Heppner. This music video transports you into what looks like a retro video game with the green and beige colouring, as well as the block-like and angular elements. 

Harrison & TOBi – Outta This World

Harrison and TOBi’s music video for Outta This World has a nostalgic animated TV show look to it. This music video accompanies the catchy song perfectly with its fun characters and the design of the animation really makes it feel like you’re watching an episode of an old children’s show. 


Video created by Jack Harrison

Character illustrations by Elijah Anderson

Title card by Jeremy White 

Motherhood - Ripped Sheet

Animated by Amery Sandford, the music video for Ripped Sheet by Motherhood is a colourfully animated video. It features unique characters, lots of neon colours, and constant movement within the various elements. The pulsing of the animated characters and scenery complement the fast-paced melody of the song, further bringing the animation to life. 

Ouri - Ossature 

Ossature' by Ouri is a beautifully animated music video which was funded by the MVP Project, a joint initiative of RBCxMusic and the Prism Prize. The animation often looks realistic and gives a certain futuristic feel to the characters in the video and to the scenery. Watching this music video feels like watching a movie with every scene pulling you into the story. 



Director & Animator - Derek Branscombe

Concept - Derek & Ouri

Production Company - Le Repertoire

Executive Producer - Raphaelle Savoie

Producer - Catherine Marsland

Director of Photography - Harley Francis

Hair & Makeup - Maina Militza

Stylist - Jessica Thai (Sica)

Custom Bodysuit - Alyona Kochetkov

1st AC - William Tétreault 

Gaffer - Pascal Dulude De Broin

Grip - Ludovic Pilon

Swing - John Cumberland

Stunt Coordinator - Fred Nguyen On-Set VFX Supervisor - Simran Dewan

Props -Lucas Moreau Saint-Germain

Unit Manager - Raphaelle Savoie & Catherine Marsland

Set P.A. - Luis Gonzalves & Lucas Moreau Saint Germain

Traiteur - Julien Leblanc

Edit, VFX, Comp & Animation - Derek Branscombe

Editor (Fight Scene) - Mattias Graham

VFX Consultant - Émile Massie-Vanasse - 

Ouri’s 3D Model - Coeus

Grandmothers - Adanma Onyechekwa, Uzoma Onyechekwa & Kathleen Chambers

Nurse - Karine Pronovost

'La nuit s’achève' album cover


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