New and Upcoming Canadian Album Releases: PartyNextDoor, Neil Young & Crazy Horse and More

This week also features new releases from Corridor, Ellis, Classified, MacKenzie Porter and more.



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It's a big week for Canadian releases. Neil Young & Crazy Horse debut FU###IN' UP, which includes live recordings from a secret show at Toronto's tiny Rivoli. Hip-hop veteran Classified has a new album, as do country riser MacKenzie Porter, indie singer-songwriter Ellis and Montreal barnburners Corridor.

Some notables announcing upcoming release dates include Ruth Moody, The Anti-Queens and Geoffroy.

Check the full calendar of upcoming albums below this week's album of the week pick.

Album of the Week: PartyNextDoor, PARTYNEXTDOOR 4

A keen sense of anticipation has built around the impending April 26 release of PARTYNEXTDOOR 4, the new album from the Mississauga artist/producer known as PartyNextDoor. He was the subject of a recent Billboard Canada digital cover story, and first single “Real Woman,” debuted on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 chart. PND has enjoyed major chart success via his work with such other artists as Rihanna (the chart-topping “Work”), Drake and DJ Khaled, but there are high hopes for his solo work PARTYNEXTDOOR. His mellow hip-hop inflected contemporary R&B sound and sparse production sound very fresh, so keep an eye on this one. One big highlight is slow and sweaty jam, “Lose My Mind.”



17: OVK3 - Meeting Point (Modica Music)

19: Michael Feuerstack, Eternity Mongers ( Forward Music)

19: Cadence Weapon, ROLLERCOASTER (MNRK Music)

19: Nice Horse, S/T (Sakamoto Music/Warner Music Canada)

19: Population II - Serpent Échelle (Bonsound)

19: Hollow Twin - Dancing With Matches

19: The Brenan Brothers, Valley of Silence

19: Leaf Rapids, Velvet Paintings

19: Kellie Loder, Transitions

19: Ndidi O, Simple Songs for Complicated Times

19: Daniel Janke's Winter Trio, Available Light ( Chronograph Records)

19: Church of Trees, Transience

20: Coney Hatch, Postcard from Germany (vinyl)

20: Champion, Chill 'Em All ( anniversary reissue-first vinyl pressing), April 20th,

24: Thunder Queens, Strike One (Victory Pool Records)

26: Classified, Luke's View (HalfLife Records & Big Story Entertainment)


26: Northern Ranger, Taken By Violet

26: Trashed Ambulance, Trashed At The Vat

26: Ellis, No Place That Feels Like

26: Corridor, Mimi (Bonsound)

26: MacKenzie Porter, Nobody's Born With A Broken Heart (Big Loud)

26: Anthony D’Alessandro, Searchin’

26: ambroise: la première caresse goûte toujours la neige

26: Joshua Hyslop, Evergold

26: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, FU###IN' UP

26: Colour Film, Half An Hour

26: Kyp Harness, Kick The Dust

26: PartyNextDoor, PartyNextDoor4 (OVO Sound)

26: Sierra Pilot, KARMA

26: Boogát, Del Horizonte

26: Alex Henry Foster, Kimiyo

26: Lee Aaron, Tattoo Me

26: Parkdale Rebels, Spellbound

29: Lemon Bucket Orchestra, Cuckoo


1: Deep Dark Woods, Broadside Ballads Vol. III. (Victory Pool)

1: Christina Kennedy -Echoes of Us,

3: Clever Hopes, New Kind of Familiar

3: Charlotte Day Wilson, Cyan Blue

3: Dun-Dun Band, Pita Parka Pt. 1 — Xam Egdub (Ansible Editions)

3: Jon Gordon, 7th Ave South

3: Laraw, Quarter Life Crisis (Bravo Musique)

3: Dan Loomis, Revolutions (Adhyâropa Records)

3: Kari van der Kloot, Window (TPR Records)

.3: Wake Island, Born to Leave - revisited

3: CHXMERAS, Terminal City (Virtua94 Records)

6: Stephen Hamm, Songs of the Future


7: Grievous Angels, Last Call For Cinderella

9: Roddy Ellias, Moon Over Lake

10: Xana, The Sex Was Good Until It Wasn’t

10: Atelier Speech, Speech Vol.4

10: Abigail Lapell, Anniversary (Outside Music)

10: Christina Petrowska Quilico, Games Of The Night Wind (Navona Records)

10: Brenda Earle Stokes, Motherhood

10: Sebastian Bach, Child Within The Man

10: Olivia Penalva, Spiderwebs

10: Potatohead People, Eat Your Heart Out (Bastard Jazz Recordings)

10: Bibi Club, Feu de garde (Secret City Records)

13: Dump Babes, Known Liar

17: Alana Yorke, Destroyer (Paper Bag Records)

17: Major Love, Live, Laugh, Major Love (Slow Weather)


17: Maple Mountain Sunburst, Ecstatic

17: Telehorn, The Gravity Of See You Later (Touch in Motion)

17: Kaïa Kater, Strange Magic (Acronym)

17: Ruth Moody, Wanderer (Blue Muse Records/True North Records)

17: The Luvmenauts, Ephemera (Do Right Music)

17: The Anti-Queens, Disenchanted ( Stomp Records)

17: Coleman Hell - Joyride (604 Records)

17: John Kameel Farah & Nick Fraser, Farahser (Elastic Recording)

17: Ghostly Kisses, Darkroom

24: David Myles, Devil Talking (Little Tiny Records / turtlemusik)

24: Priori, This But More (NAFF)

24: Kiesza, Dancing and Crying: Vol. 1

24: Old Man Luedecke, She Told Me Where to Go

24: Wyatt C. Louis, Chandler (Royal Mountain Records)

24: Alanna Sterling, Everything’s gonna be just fine ( Indica Records)

24: Kenton Loewen, Petrol Matches Boom (Drip Audio)

24: Deanna Knight, Every Little Spark


24: Lynne Hanson, Just A Poet

31: Unessential Oils, S/T (Secret City Records)

24: Joe Rocca, Hybride( Bonsound.)

31: Mary-frances Leahy First Light

31: Ruby Waters, What’s The Point

31: Kym Gouchie, Shun beh nats’ujeh

31: Sam Jr. - Inner Shadow (Arts & Crafts)

31: Luka Kuplowsky - How Can I Possibly Sleep When There Is Music (Next Door Records)


7: Maggie Andrew, Day Job

13: Christin Hyshka Rescue

13: Kym Gouchie,Shun beh nats’ujehhursday,

14: The Hi Tops,Lips, Hips, and Counterfeits

14:Ellen Doty, Every Little Scene

14: Geoffroy, Good Boy

21: Belfountain, Some Hearts

21: Celeigh Cardinal, Boundless Possibilities


5: Future Star, It’s About Time!(Mint Records)

12: Donovan Woods, Things Were Never Good If They’re Not Good Now (End Times Music)

19: Oleyada, Late Night Jam

19: Boy Golden, For Eden (Six Shooter)

26: Electric Religious, The Taste (Red Music Rising)


27: Julian Taylor Pathways (Howling Turtle, Inc.)

Tom Cochrane
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Tom Cochrane

Music News

Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame To Induct Tom Cochrane, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor, Sarah McLachlan and Diane Tell

Founded in 1998, the CSHF honours and celebrates Canadian songwriters and their significant contributions, both domestically and globally. The Class of 2024 is one impressive grouping.

Today (May 28), TheCanadian Songwriters Hall of Fame (CSHF) announced its class of 2024. Tom Cochrane, Jim Cuddy and Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo), Sarah McLachlan and Diane Tell will all be inducted at the CSHF Induction Ceremony at Massey Hall in Toronto on September 28, 2024.

Founded in 1998, the CSHF honours and celebrates Canadian songwriters and their significant contributions, both domestically and globally. Throughout its history, the CSHF has inducted more than 65 songwriters and 190 songs at its music events. It now welcomes Amazon Music as the new title sponsor of the event.

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