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Alex Warren Hits the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 With Anthemic Folk Song 'Carry You Home'

Despite Kendrick Lamar's "Not Like Us" video hitting his reputation again, Drake also has two entries in the chart this week from Camila Cabello's new album, with "Hot Uptown" at No. 42 and solo song "Uuugly" at No. 77.

Alex Warren

Alex Warren


California YouTuber and musician Alex Warren has turned a major personal event into a professional milestone, landing on the Billboard Canadian Hot 100 this week for the first time with "Carry You Home" at No. 83.

The video for the song doubles as a recap of Warren's wedding to partner Kouvr Annon, complete with clips of an emotional Warren reading his vows to Kouvr.

The song is in the anthemic folk mold of popular 2010s acts like Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers, a sound that's been bounding back up the charts thanks in part to the recent breakthrough of artists like Noah Kahan and Michael Marcagi. The style is particularly popular in Canada, where folk-rock has always had a big audience.


Warren isn't charting in the U.S. yet, but with 16.3 million TikTok followers, an attention-grabbing video, and wedding season in full swing, he's well positioned for more chart success.

Elsewhere on the Canadian Hot 100, an embattled Drake has two new entries, both from Camila Cabello's new album C,XOXO. "Hot Uptown," his upbeat duet with Cabello, lands at No. 42, while solo track "Uuugly" arrives at No. 77.

Both tracks find Drizzy tapping into some of his greatest strengths: "Hot Uptown" is a sweaty summer bop that recalls hits like "Too Good," while "Uuugly" is classic late night, in-his-feelings Drake.

If Kendrick Lamar isn't quite done with Drake yet — the rapper released a video of diss track "Not Like Us" last week with a stinging cameo from former Raptor DeMar DeRozan — Drake seems intent on getting back in the studio and moving on (though "Uuugly," with its muted threats that things will get ugly, could be read as an oblique reference to the beef).

With "Uuugly" charting in Canada but not the U.S., Canadians are showing they're still keen to support the superstar, despite the hits to his reputation.


At the top of the chart, Shaboozey reigns at No. 1 with "A Bar Song (Tipsy)" — which also finally hit No. 1 in the U.S. this week — for the sixth straight week.

Canadians hold onto spots further down, with Charlotte Cardin's "99 Nights" at a new peak at No. 74, Preston Pablo's "Dance Alone" at No. 76, and Zeina's "Hooked" at No. 79.

Check out the full chart here.

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