Tim Baker: The Eighteenth Hole

The former Hey Rosetta! frontman returns with a new video for a standout cut from his much-loved solo debut. This is masterful melancholy that would make Chris Martin envious.

Tim Baker: The Eighteenth Hole

By Kerry Doole

Tim Baker - The Eighteenth Hole ((Arts & Crafts): This year, the Newfoundland singer/songwriter basked in the warm welcome accorded his debut solo album Forever Overhead, a record that showed his transition from being the frontman of the very popular Hey Rosetta! to a solo artist has been a smooth one. Forever Overhead was just named a Top 10 Folk Album of 2019 by Exclaim! and made a CBC Best of Year list.

In  October, Baker released The Eighteenth Hole Variations EP, and the title cut is now accompanied by a striking video, shot in Newfoundland by Adrian Vieni (Arkells)  and Amos Le Blanc,


In a press release, Vieni describes the video's ethos: "The Eighteenth Hole is an intimate study of human emotion and connection. It acts as a time capsule, capturing the profound impact others have on us throughout our lives, and the shared experiences that connect us. With each moment, we're reminded of the choices we’ve made, the trajectory we’ve taken, and people we’ve met that have shaped us into who we are today." 

Some of the imagery is a mite over the top (red roses burning in the fire), but Baker is thrilled at the result, noting "I never saw anything until the first assembly about a month later. I love it so much. It’s very fitting but open, nostalgic but new, and I hope you like it."

The song itself is a masterful slice of melancholy, exploring heartbreak with precision. Atop soaring strings, Baker delivers an expressive vocal performance Coldplay's Chris Martin would be proud to call his own. To continue the golfing metaphors, he aces it.

Baker plays shows in Europe from Jan. 15 to Feb. 16, including two Dutch shows supporting Kacy & Clayton. Dates here 







Publicity: Julie Booth, Freshly Pressed PR

Courtesy of Vertigo Live



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