Music Biz Headlines, May 10, 2019

US band The Mountain Goats recruit Toronto talent, remembering guitar genius Lenny Breau (pictured), and Pressa profiled. Also in the headlines: Annette Ducharme, Bend It Like Beckham, Jacob Hoggard, metadata, Don McLean, Chance the Rapper, Tinder, holograms, and Mike Garson.

Music Biz Headlines, May 10, 2019

By Kerry Doole

Interview: Why The Mountain Goats' new album is packed with Toronto musicians

The long-running North Carolina band's new 17th studio album In League With Dragons is produced by Owen Pallett and features Thom Gill, Johnny Spence and Bram Gielen. – Jesse Locke, NOW

Why the genius of jazz guitarist Lenny Breau needs to be remembered

If you’re a guitar enthusiast and you don’t know about Canadian Lenny Breau, you should learn about him. Why? Because he’s one of the greats, and his story is one that everyone should know. –  Brad Barker, JAZZFM

The scene vets of the VanRays take a thoroughly original approach to classic unvarnished soul

The first time you check out the VanRays, you might assume you’re hearing a classic Stax or Motown band. With soulful vocals, funky guitars, a swingin’ rhythm section, and jubilant horns, you’d be forgiven for thinking a song like “Take a Dive” (the cookin’ kickoff to the group's eponymous new EP) came out of Detroit in 1965. – Allan MacInnis, Georgia Straight 


Bend It Like Beckham musical to make North American debut in Toronto


Two-day sex assault prelim hearing confirmed for Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard

Police say the charges relate to three different incidents involving a girl under the age of 16 and a woman that allegedly took place in the Toronto area in 2016. – CP

Album of the Week: Annette Ducharme's Wreck•Age

As a songwriter in the early ’90s, she penned hits for Cancon heavyweights like Lawrence Gowan and Tom Cochrane. Wreck•Age is an immaculately crafted collection of songs that tend to fall squarely into the adult-contemporary category.  – John Lucas, Georgia Straight

Groundbreaking metadata alliance announced between music, film, TV industries 

A cross-industry metadata alliance could loosen millions in unmatched music royalties from films and TV series. DDEX, a metadata standards-setting consortium for the music industry, has joined forces with EIDR, a similar consortium that focuses on establishing uniform, unique universal identifiers for film and TV assets. –  Paul Resnikoff Digital Music News

Don McLean receives Lifetime Achievement Award, only to have it taken away hours later

The students at UCLA clearly didn't do their homework. The award was rescinded once the association was made aware of McLean’s 2016 charges for domestic violent assault against his then-wife Patrisha McLean. – Michael Roffman, CoS

UK risks losing classic rock archives, warns ex-Oasis photographer

British musical history may be lost unless a dedicated museum is set up, says Jill Furmanovsky. – Lanre Bakare, The Guardian

Spicy Chicken Nuggets will come back to Wendy's because Chance the Rapper made a wish

Wendy’s is conditionally bringing back its Spicy Chicken Nuggets, which almost certainly means they’re en route to your mouth. The move follows a tweet by nugs fan Chance the Rapper.  –Dustin Nelson,Thrillist

David Bowie’s longest serving band member Mike Garson has the Alumni Tour in Australia

"We have four amazing singers Bernard Fowler from the Rolling Stones, Corey Glover from Living Colour, Gaby Moreno and Joe Sumner, who is Sting’s son. It takes a village to sing David’s music”. –  Paul Cashmere, Noise11


Tinder wants in on your music festival meet-cute

The dating app has a new feature to help you find a mate in a sea of flower crowns. The initiative is a partnership with AEG Worldwide and Live Nation.–  Jonah Engel Bromwich, NY Times

Country singer Jillian Jacqueline’s unpredictable career finds her as a headliner

On Jillian Jacqueline’s debut single, “Reasons,” the country-pop singer describes a relationship that is clearly doomed, even if neither person wants to admit it. – Emily YahrThe Washington Post

How hologram technology is changing the future of the music industry

When late music stars return to the stage in hologram form, what does it mean for the industry, the audience and the future of music? We investigate the world of the hologram–  Jim Ottewill Music Tech


Streaming Platforms Like Spotify Will Be Required to Pay Into Canadian Content Funds
a screen shot of a computer

Streaming Platforms Like Spotify Will Be Required to Pay Into Canadian Content Funds

As the Online Streaming Act is implemented, streaming services with over $25 million in annual revenue and no connection to a Canadian broadcaster will have to pay 5% of those revenues as base contributions, generating an estimated $200 million in funding for "areas of immediate need," according to the CRTC.

The Canadian government has made a major announcement about the implementation of the Online Streaming Act, with implications for artists and music companies at home and abroad.

The CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) revealed today that foreign streaming services with significant revenues will have to make base contributions to Canadian content. Streaming companies with no affiliation to Canadian broadcasters and over $25 million in annual contributions revenues will have to pay 5% of those revenues into specified funds.

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