Music Biz Headlines, June 13, 2018

An unreleased album by John Coltrane has been discovered, Spotify comes under fire, and Music Canada calls for a new fund. Also in the headlines are Peter Oundjian, RBC Emerging Musician Program , Coeur de Pirate, Playboy Jazz Festival, John Perry Barlow, Jack White, Solveig Deason, Telephone Explosion, Ginger Baker, Janelle Monáe, Vicky Beeching, and Surf Dads.

Music Biz Headlines, June 13, 2018

By FYI Staff

Spotify global artist & partnerships chief exits co.

Mark Williamson, Spotify’s LA-based Global Head of Artist & Industry Partnerships, is leaving the company after seven years – MBW

Spotify in the fryer with new rights deal

There have been rumblings over at Spotify HQ of a plan for the streaming platform to pay advances for direct deals with artists and artist managers. Chris Castle explains why this shift is a wrong turn for the music streamer – Hypebot

Look out, the Canadian music industry wants us to pay more for our electronics

The Canadian Music Policy Coalition is proposing a levy on gadgets, and that includes tablets and smartphones – Alan Cross, Global News

Music Canada Calls for $40M handout instead of iPhone tax

Music org President and CEO Graham Henderson argues that the creation of an interim four-year fund of $40 million per year will ensure that music creators continue to receive fair compensation for private copies made until a more permanent, long-term solution can be enacted – iPhone in Canada


SiriusXM to pay labels, artists US$150M in SoundExchange settlement

SoundExchange accused the satellite radio company of taking “a number of impermissible deductions and exemptions in calculating its royalty payments to SoundExchange”, which included deducting for pre-1972 sound recordings and certain channel packages containing music – MBW

Watch the 114th meeting of the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage on remuneration models for artists and creative industries


Kickstart your career with the RBC Emerging Musician Program

If you’re serious about being a musician, this is the time to hike up those performing pants for your submission. All you have to do is submit a fully original video or audio recording of yours or your band’s song. Then you wait and hope for the good news. If you’re having trouble finding that creative spark to sit down and record, perhaps $20000 is incentive enough to put together a submission. It worked for me – Alan Cross, A Journal of Musical Things

Controversy courts pre-1972 recordings in US copyright bill

Attempts to update the Music Modernization Act in the US have certainly not been bipartisan, and a new wrangle over a section known as the Classics Act pits various factions over monies generated from recordings made more than 50 years ago – Steven Seidenberg, Intellectual Property Watch


How Coeur de Pirate learned to open up when her world was shutting down

"This album is about extremes," she says. "lt talks about things that I've experienced. English, I'm good at writing it, I think, but I haven't mastered it completely. For this record, since the subjects are so intense and they're so hard, and they're so personal to me, I needed to do it in French. I needed to master it completely … for me to regain control over my experiences" – CBC Radio

'A new room in the Great Pyramid': lost 1963 John Coltrane album discovered

An album of previously unheard original compositions by the legendary jazz saxophonist has been discovered, 55 years after its recording – Ben Beaumont-Thomas, The Guardian

Peter Oundjian gears up for his grand finale

We conducted an interview with departing TSO artistic director Peter Oundjian while taking a Porsche for a test drive – John Terauds, Toronto Star

At Playboy Jazz Fest, a 17-year-old wonder, an 83-year-old master and tributes to Hef and Miles Davis

There was an extended tribute to jazz icon Miles Davis and a brief salute to festival founder Hugh Hefner, but Playboy Jazz today is comfortable in its role as crowd-pleaser rather than crowd challenger – Sean O'Connell, LA Times

What’s In Your Fridge: Doug Andrew of the Circus In Flames

A feature where we ask interesting Vancouverites about their life-changing concerts, favourite albums, and, most importantly, what’s sitting beside the Heinz Ketchup in their custom-made Big Chill Retropolitan 20.6 cubic-foot refrigerators – Mike Usinger,Georgia Straight

The ghost of John Perry Barlow lives in his posthumous memoir

The memoir of the Grateful Dead lyricist captures the trippy contradictions of a mind that helped invent the future –  Wired


Jack White is happy that fans are arguing over his divisive new album, Boarding House Reach

White’s latest solo album, Boarding House Reach, has generally been received either as an object of complete bafflement or a work of madcap genius since its release this past March, with very few listeners taking a position in the middle ground – Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Boston Bound: Saskatoon's Solveig Deason awarded exclusive Berklee scholarship

"Being able to go somewhere and represent Saskatoon, that doesn't always get the recognition it deserves, is pretty cool" –  Matt Olson, Star-Phoenix

Telephone Explosion: five highlights from the label's deep discography

As the Toronto label celebrates its 10th anniversary, heads Jon Schouten and Steve Sidoli take us through their most notable and memorable records –  Michael Rancic, NOW


Former Hip-Hop DJ singing the blues in federal prison for copyright infringement 

Artur Sargsyan delivers popular copyrighted music for free (copyright infringement), while profiting from it by selling advertisements on his sites –  Peter Moreno, US Herald

Ginger Baker's son: 'My Dad has been dead to me for a long time'

The famed drummer's son Kofi reflects on his strained relationship with his father and his upcoming Music of Cream tour –  Andy Greene, Rolling Stone

The irresistible queer femininity of Janelle Monáe

The 32-year-old singer, actress, producer, and model has referred to her new album as "a homage to women and the spectrum of sexual identities" – Melanie Woods, Georgia Straight

The Christian music star who came out and lost her career: ‘It was immensely painful’

Vicky Beeching has been described in The Guardian as “arguably the most influential Christian of her generation” – Michael Coren, Maclean's

Feel Good About Feeling Bad with Surf Dads' 'Long Weekend' EP

The depressingly fun Saskatchewan rockers are like if BoJack Horseman fronted Weezer – Devin Pacholik, Noisey

Steele my Sunset 

East Coast band Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset pops off with the release of Half Girl Half Ghost  – Rebecca Dingwell, The Coast

The Weeknd with Metro Boomin and Future
@metroboomin Instagram

The Weeknd with Metro Boomin and Future

Rb Hip Hop

The Weeknd Spotted at Kendrick Lamar's 'Pop Out' Concert in Los Angeles

Unlike former Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan, the Scarborough-born artist never got onstage, but he was in the audience of the show that featured Drake diss tracks 'Not Like Us' and 'Euphoria.'

Kendrick Lamar took over the internet last night (June. 19) with his "Pop Out" concert live-streamed on Prime Video from the Kia Forum in Los Angeles. If it wasn't clear Kendrick had won public opinion in his beef with Drake, it was when the stage united cultural figures from L.A. — from up-and-comers to legends like Dr. Dre, basketball stars like Russell Westbrook, even someone Drake name-dropped in one of his diss tracks, DJ Mustard — to dance along to the scathing "Not Like Us."

DeMar DeRozan, the beloved former Toronto Raptor who was once close enough to Drake that he spilled the beans on an upcoming mixtape joined fellow L.A.-born NBA player Westbrook onstage at the Forum during "Not Like Us."

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