Music Biz Headlines, Jan. 27, 2022

Neil Young (pictured) removes his music from Spotify, Sony Music buys Bob Dylan’s recorded music catalog, and Ontario covid restrictions still impact live music. Also in the headlines are The Glenn Gould Foundation, ASD Band, the Top Drawers, Ben Sures, Patrick Moxey, Kanye West, the Beatles, Julian Lennon, JazzTimes Critics’ Poll, Dope Lemon, Elton John, Damon Albarn, and Taylor Swift.

Music Biz Headlines, Jan. 27, 2022

By Kerry Doole

Music has charms to soothe the troubled teenage mind

The Glenn Gould Foundation has just launched Instrumental, a web-based project aimed primarily at teens. It’s designed to promote the mental health benefits of engaging with music at an intentioned and focused level. The interactive site articulates the importance of music and the arts as a supplement to other forms of care for young people. – Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

Neil Young demands Spotify remove his music over Joe Rogan vaccine misinformation

‘They can have Rogan or Young. Not both,’ writes musician in an open letter to his management that has since been taken down from his website. – Sian Cain, The Guardian

Neil Young pulls music from Spotify, Blasts it as the ‘home of life-threatening’ Covid lies

Taking a stand against Joe Rogan’s podcast will cost Young 60% of his streaming income, he said in a letter. – Ethan Millman, Rolling Stone


It's Neil Young's free world, not Joe Rogan's

Neil Young only wants to keep on rocking in the reality based world. The 76-year-old rock-and-roll icon has taken a stand against vaccine misinformation, telling the streaming platform Spotify to remove his music if it continues to feature those who regularly disseminate lies and conspiracy theories about Covid-19. – Jill Filipovic, CNN

Concert, theatre organizers in Ontario face new Covid-19 hurdles

Some live music advocates fear upcoming concerts – among them performances by Billie Eilish and Elton John – could hang in the balance as Ontario’s plan to ease Covid-19 restrictions hands them a tougher set of rules than those facing other entertainment events. new rules go into effect on Jan. 31 that hold many of their venues at 50-per cent capacity until at least mid-March. – David Friend, CP

Toronto’s ASD Band wants others on the autism spectrum to know: ‘We can do anything’

After getting their start at a charity event with Supertramp’s Roger Hodgson, the group has put out a six-song EP. “I hope one day we’ll all be famous,” says singer Rawan Tuffaha. – Nick Krewen, Toronto Star

Short, snappy, and vital, the Top Drawers' Out of Sight! throws back to a more magically stylin' time

On Out of Sight!, Vancouver’s unashamed retro-rocking veteran fashionistas the Top Drawers kick out their mod/fab jams with another enjoyable collection of melodically pulsing guitar-driven pop that threatens to rename Granville Street as Carnaby Street—and one can only hope. – Georgia Straight


Fresh Tracks: Ben Sures' new album traverses life's dark corners with warmth and animation

Singer-songwriter Ben Sures has always infused his work with a light-hearted spirit, an element especially appreciated while tackling life’s darker topics as he does on his latest album, The Story That Lived Here. – Jenny Feniak, Edmonton Journal


Sony Music Buys Bob Dylan’s Recorded Music

The transaction for Dylan’s albums was made in July, about seven months after he made another deal — with Sony’s rival Universal Music — for his songwriting copyrights. –

Bob Dylan sells recorded music catalog to Sony Music

The company now owns the master rights to all of Dylan’s albums and “multiple future releases. – Matthew Strauss, Pitchfork

Patrick Moxey on leaving Ultra Records, selling up to Sony... and his new plans

The music business is going to need a minute to get used to Patrick Moxey no longer being associated with Ultra Records. For over 25 years, Moxey has led the legendary dance music label he founded in the mid-nineties. During that time, Ultra has released music from a who's who of dance/electronic music, from Steve Aoki to Roger Sanchez, Kygo, Deadmau5, and many more. Moxey is not going away though. – Tim Ingham, Music Business Worldwide

‘jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,’ Act I film review: Doc series’ first chapter offers insights for fans and detractors alike

Sundance 2022: It’s too early to tell if we needed a seven-hour documentary about Kanye West, but this opener details his early years of struggle. – Todd Gilchrist, The Wrap


We can't work it out: Why I finally broke up with the Beatles

Would this abstinence last? I didn’t know. Even for the casual fan, the de-Beatle-ing process is not easy. You can’t escape their songs any more than you can escape “Hotel California” at Applebee’s or Billy Joel’s “My Life” at the mall.– Josh Max,  New York Times

Unique Beatles and John Lennon items from Julian Lennon’s collection up for NFT auction

John Lennon’s coat from the “Magical Mystery Tour” film, his cape from “Help!,” three guitars, and Paul McCartney’s handwritten arrangement notes for “Hey Jude” — all from John’s son Julian’s private collection — are going up for NFT auction on Feb. 7, the first in a series to be rolled out over the coming months.” – Jem Aswad, Variety


2021 JazzTimes expanded Critics’ Poll results

For the 2021 JazzTimes Expanded Critics’ Poll, an annual companion to last issue’s Year in Review section, our regular contributors participated in a survey based on our yearly Readers’ Poll. Contributors were asked to focus on artists’ achievements during 2021 rather than assessing entire careers. Read the Full List here. – JazzTimes

Is old music killing new music?

Old songs now represent 70 percent of the U.S. music market. Even worse: The new-music market is actually shrinking. – Ted Gioia, The Atlantic

Dope Lemon: Rose Pink Cadillac

What do mascot cat suits, vintage cars and yellow citrus fruit all have in common? Experimental Australian artist Angus Stone. Before he was creating hazy psychedelic tunes under the Dope Lemon moniker, he proved his musical chops alongside his sister as the internationally beloved dream-folk duo Angus & Julia Stone. – Laura Robinson, NEXT

Elton John postpones Texas concerts after getting Covid-19

John “is experiencing only mild symptoms,” according to a statement.– Associated Press

Damon Albarn messes with the wrong person by suggesting Taylor Swift doesn't write her own songs

As much as she’s not afraid to take dead aim in the recording studio at those who’ve screwed her over, Taylor Swift generally keeps things squeaky clean in her public life. That’s how you know Damon Albarn has really f -ing pissed her off. First the backstory. – Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight

You don’t know me’: Morrissey accuses Johnny Marr of using him as clickbait

‘Must you persistently, year after year, decade after decade, blame me for everything?’ singer writes in open letter to former Smiths bandmate. – Laura Snapes, The Guardian

Soleil Launière
Jaime Antonio Luna Quezada

Soleil Launière


Soleil Launière wins the Francouvertes: “It means a lot to me as an Indigenous artist”

Meet the Innu artist, big winner of the 2024 edition of the showcase-competition, who is the first Indigenous artist to win since the Quebec music competition started allowing submissions in Indigenous languages.

Soleil Launière has won the 28th edition of Francouvertes, becoming the first Indigenous artist to win the Quebec-based music competition.

The multidisciplinary Innu artist from Mashteuiatsh, Quebec won the grand final of the musical showcase on Monday, May 13. The Montreal-based artist edged out rapper Sensei H and maximalist rock singer-songwriter Loïc Lafrance.

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