Music Biz Headlines, April 23, 2018

The effect of legal pot on music, the obstacles placed upon black genius, and sexual harassment at Coachella. Also making headlines are Buffy Sainte-Marie, Compact Music, 4/20, Memphis music, The Damned, J Cole, The Olympic Symphonium, Tess Roby, and Ford Pier.

Music Biz Headlines, April 23, 2018

By Kerry Doole

What will cannabis legalization mean for music?

As weed goes corporate, so might its relationship with musicians and artists –  Kate Robertson, NOW

Beyonce, Kendrick, Kanye, and how the world attempts to limit black genius

Rendered through these three artists, the sweat and gristle of black genius—which is to say, the bone-tough work of black genius—was nearly impossible to escape, online and off  –  Jason Parham, Wired

Buffy Sainte-Marie receives honorary degree from Dalhousie University

The famed Canadian singer-songwriter also gives a  lecture on diversity and inclusion –  Bob Murphy,

Sexual harassment was rampant at Coachella 2018 

I interviewed 54 women at Coachella, and they all said they had been sexually harassed –  Vera Papisova, Teen Vogue

Why hasn't the Hip-Hop boom pushed more black executives to the top?

As hip-hop and R&B dominate pop culture and drive accelerating music industry gains, there's an increasingly glaring discrepancy between the colour of the artists making the most popular music and that of the top executives getting the credit –  Gail Mitchell, Billboard


Cash, Cramps, Killers: A day in the life of Compact Music

The store has lasted 40 years in Ottawa, and now has two locations along Bank Street –  Lynn Saxberg, Ottawa Citizen

The Story of 4/20

A group of students called the Waldos pioneered the term, and their connections with the Grateful Dead catapulted 4/20 into our lexicon –  Zoe Wilder Rolling Stone

There's a party going on in Memphis

With his new book, Memphis Rent Party: The Blues, Rock & Soul in Music’s Hometown (Bloomsbury), a collection of essays and interviews, Robert Gordon paints a shimmering montage of images drawn from the musical shadows and stages of Memphis and its environs –  Henry Carrigan, No Depression

Punk legends The Damned finally score first top ten album after 41 years

It’s 41 years since The Damned released the first British punk single. But the veteran rockers are celebrating a chart breakthrough after scoring the first top ten album of their career  –

Hey Ocean! splashes back with Hurt of Happiness

With the exception of performing at the yearly #SingItFwd to raise awareness about the importance of youth musical education and funds for the ongoing work of the St. James Music Academy, the BC band was on apparently permanent hiatus –  Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun


The Olympic Symphonium: We have fun 

Fredericton-based folkies make serious music, as found on the new LP Beauty in the Tension, but they have a good time too  –  Jonathan Briggins, The Coast

Hunter Brothers didn't hesitate to join Humboldt Broncos tribute concert

“We knew in our hearts that we needed to be in Saskatchewan for the tribute concert,” said Ty Hunter –  Cam Fuller, Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

J Cole: KOD review – a brilliantly brooding antidote to hip-hop excess

With only an alter-ego for company, J Cole casts himself as rap’s moral compass with this masterfully pared-back fifth album. 4 of 5 stars –   Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

Tess Roby to show off her arty, ambitious debut album at last

Local art-pop musician marked Beacon’s long-awaited release with an arty show at 918 Bathurst on Saturday –   Ben Rayner, Toronto Star

Ford Pier Vengeance Trio's Expensive Tissue nothing to sneeze at

The veteran musician's trio plays with Limbs of the Stars, Michael and the Slumberland Band, and Emily Mordecai at The Cobalt April 25 –  Stuart Derdeyn, Vancouver Sun

Norman Wong



Happy Anniversary, Archie: Alvvays' Debut Record Gets a 10th Birthday Re-Issue

The Canadian jangle pop group's first album will be available on a new cerulean blue vinyl with an unearthed bonus track, as well as the ten original songs — including breakout single 'Archie, Marry Me' — that launched their career in 2014.

A major Canadian indie rock album turns 10 today (July 22), and the band is celebrating with a special re-issue.

Alvvays' self-titled debut helped the group break through on an international scale, propelled by jangly guitars, aloof vocals and an expertly catchy single. "Archie, Marry Me," with its soaring chorus and pleading lyrics, became a wedding song for a generation of ambivalent millennials, earnest and sardonic at the same time.

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