Music Biz Headlines, April 20, 2018

Kendrick Lamar's Pulitzer win is welcomed, ECMAs focus on mental health, and hip-hop's impact on New York City. Others in the headlines include Emm Gryner, Steve Jobs, Kiran Ahluwalia, Tee Krispel, early music shows, Stars, David Bowie, Tom McBride, and Steve Dawson

Music Biz Headlines, April 20, 2018

By Kerry Doole

Mental health front and centre at ECMAs

A workshop, wellness centre and keynote speech will all be centred around maintaining mental health in the arts industry – Hillary Windsor, Chronicle-Herald

This year's other two Pulitzer finalists on losing to Kendrick Lamar

Some classical fans are furious that the rapper won. The guys he beat are thrilled – Marissa Martinelli, Slate

How Hip-Hop transformed New York

When hip-hop culture started to spread in the 1980s, it changed the city in more ways than one – Nelson George, NY Times

Emm Gryner follows her heart

The acclaimed singer/songwriter will travel to the hometown of the late guitarist Greg Lowe in early May for shows marking the release of her new album – Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer

It's going to be a while till we find 'the next Steve Jobs'

Our quest to find the next Steve Jobs has not been inspired. His passing in 2011, like the life that preceded it, was infused with spiritual fervor – Staff, Wired


Kiran Ahluwalia's LOVEfest brings together Sikh and Islamic music

At Harbourfront Centre, the show united secular and sacred traditions in a one-day festival filled with special moments  – Chaka V Grier, NOW

Canadian rapper Tee Krispil spills the tea on her new CBD company

Her newest endeavour, Fleurs Tea, is a seven-woman company specializing in locally made tea and topical products –  Georgia Straight

Should music shows start earlier?

Perhaps the best strategy—at least for weeknight gigs—is to begin the action earlier. In recent times, I've noticed more Seattle shows beginning at 7 pm and 8 pm – Dave Segal,

Toronto’s chiropractor to the stars tours with Radiohead

Through word of mouth and reputation, Shannon McEwen’s client list has grown since her first tour in 2007 with Avril Lavigne. “My job is to help them always feel great on stage” – Tamar Harris, The Star

A David Bowie installation is taking over an NYC subway station

Starting April 18, the Broadway-Lafayette subway station is being taken over by an installation that pays homage to the Starman – Clayton Guse, Time Out

Stars shine on 

Nearly 20 years in, all the Montreal love-poppers are looking for is connection –  Morgan Mullin, The Coast

Young Galaxy are happy to no longer be on a record label

“It feels like late-period capitalism is sinking its fangs into everyone," says Stephen Ramsay. "The middle class is gutted, and the top artists are in control of what used to be shared" – Suzanne Andrew, NOW 


He went out the way he came: music world mourns Big Tom

Irish country legend Tom McBride was a quiet and humble man who never spoke on stage. He just sang – Jennifer O'Brien, The Times

Steve Dawson digs deep into his roots

Roots music renaissance man Steve Dawson sounds off on the things that enquiring minds want to know – Alex Varty, Georgia Straight

Luminate Data Market Watch Facts & Figures: Week Ending June 13, 2024

Luminate Data Market Watch Facts & Figures: Week Ending June 13, 2024

Here is this week's Luminate Data Market Watch report which features Canadian music stats for the current week and year-to-date comparisons to last year.

Here is this week's Luminate Data Market Watch report which features Canadian music stats for the current week and YTD with comparisons to last year. This chart is published every Tuesday. The abbreviation "TEA" is a term used to describe the sale of music downloads or singles. A track equivalent album is equal to 10 tracks, or 10 songs.