Moonshine: Off-White feat. Vanyfox

A bonafide instrumental banger made for dancefloor action.

Moonshine: Off-White feat. Vanyfox

By Kerry Doole

Moonshine -Off-White featuring Vanyfox (Foreseen Entertainment): This Juno-nominated dance music collective from Montreal recently released a video for Off-White, a cut from its new album, SMS For Location, Vol. 5, released on Dec. 3.

The track is a bonafide instrumental banger made for dancefloor action, while the poolside setting of the video, directed by London, UK-based, Daniel Amoakoh, will have you yearning for warmer times. Amoakoh has directed several videos for Moonshine member and 2022 Polaris Music Prize-winner Pierre Kwenders.

The song features Vanyfox, an acclaimed producer from the Angolan dance music scene who now splits time between Lisbon and Paris. 


Following on from Moonshine’s celebrated SMS for Location, Vol. 4, SMS for Location, Vol. 5 full of genre-hopping cuts inspired by club scenes from around the globe. Contributors include De.Ville, Love Lokombe, Uproot Andy, MC Azas, and Pierre Kwenders, an early member of Moonshine whose presence is helping focus attention on the collective, founded in 2014 and comprising like-minded musicians, DJs, dancers and visual artists.

A label press release notes that Moonshine's performances/parties  have become a staple of the after-hours scene in Canada and abroad, with appearances in NYC, LA, Paris, Brussels, Lisboa, Milan, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Santiago, and more."

“The essence of Moonshine came out of parties we used to throw in our kitchens,” recalls Kwenders. “We felt like we couldn’t go out and find what we had cooked up in that kitchen. It’s one of the reasons we started Moonshine: to share that with more people who felt just like us and who didn’t have access to such sounds or vibes.” 






Publicity: Ola Mazzuca, Indoor Recess

Booking (US): Jonathan Mattson, Anniversary Group

Management: Hervé Kalongo

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