Meltt: Love Again

This new single from the Vancouver combo meditates upon the phenomenon of love. It is dream-pop of a high order, exuding a gently mesmerising ambience.

Meltt: Love Again

By Kerry Doole

Meltt: Love Again (Light Organ Records): Info about this Vancouver band is hard to come by, and the fuzzy look of their promo photos suggest they like to remain elusive. They released an EP, Visions, in 2017, and now this new single leaves us keen to hear more.

The track contemplates the phenomenon of love and is buttressed by an eye-catching video clip that further explores the theme. A label press release notes that "the simplified message of the video is that the love in a partnership will fade over time. We start to question who we have chosen to be with, and the "spark" between couples is lost.


"So there is an experimental drug trial to revive that spark and remember what made us fall in love in the first place, i.e., begin to love our partner again. But at the very end of the video, you'll notice the protagonist has gone through the trial three or four times, so the question is that, no matter what, does love always fade? Can love be forever?"

Musically, the track is dream-pop of a high order, exuding a gently mesmerising ambience.

Meltt plays a release party at 333 Clark in Vancouver tonight.





Karan Aujla
Photography team: Ishmil Waterman, Lane Dorsey, Sasha Jairam/Billboard Canada. Styling by Veronika Lipatova, Nikita Jaisinghani, Aliecia Brisette. Makeup & Hair by Franceline Graham.

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