Media Beat: February 28, 2018

By David Farrell

Federal budget opens door to non-profit media models

As news outlets in the United States and Europe establish non-profit arms to help fund their journalism, the federal government says it will “explore new models” that would allow Canadian media companies to do the same – iPolitics covers the good and the bad in the budget proposal

Innovation stories

Local radio and television broadcasters continually develop and invest in new technologies that allow them to provide the news, entertainment and emergency information viewers and listeners rely on every day. Through innovation, local broadcasters keep communities safe, informed and entertained. With social media, over-the-air broadcasts, internet services, mobile applications and other emerging technologies, broadcast innovators are able to identify and create new opportunities to deliver these services to their communities – link in the headline to continue reading.


Netflix & big tech vs legacy media

Netflix's "unsustainable" business model is approaching an “inflection point”, according to the global head of TV strategy at Videology.

He also warned that the political influence of the major tech titans over the global economy is a huge hurdle for the local TV industry to overcome

Speaking at last week's Future of TV conference, Rhys Mclachlan believes governments and businesses could easily be swayed by the vast sums of money tech giants throw at them as well “absurd” market valuations provides an unfair advantage to “loss-making” businesses like Netflix and Amazon to invest in content production.

“Netflix has to continue to put significant sums of revenue into the leaky bucket which is its programming commissioning strategy,” Mclachlan says – continue reading in AdNews

Podcasters Hall of Fame

– The Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame is looking for 2018 nominations. The criteria and details are on the entry form, and yes, you can nominate yourself. Or, better, someone else.

Charlotte Day Wilson
Emily Lipson

Charlotte Day Wilson


Fresh Sounds Canada: Charlotte Day Wilson, Ikky & More

This week's must-hear Canadian songs of the week also includes Quebec rapper Rymz, Montreal R&B singer Néhémie and Maritime singer-songwriter David Myles.

In Fresh Sounds Canada, Billboard Canada puts you on to the must-hear songs of the week by artists on the rise and those about to break. Here's what's out this week.

Charlotte Day Wilson, “I Don’t Love You”

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