Media Beat: April 26, 2019

By David Farrell

Carole Cadwalladr on Facebook, Brexit, and the threat to democracy

The British investigative reporter who broke the Cambridge Analytica–Facebook scandal has taken down the tech giants for undermining democracy.

In a TED Talk in Vancouver, she calls out the "gods of Silicon Valley" for their role in helping authoritarians consolidate their power in different countries.

Facebook dispute with Canadian privacy watchdogs headed to court

A long-running standoff between Facebook and Canada’s privacy commissioner is heading to Federal Court after a scathing report from the privacy watchdog said the company “outright rejected” guidance that would bring it into compliance with Canada’s privacy laws.

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien said the situation also highlights the lack of enforcement tools at his disposal. His office does not have the ability to levy fines or order companies to produce evidence, unlike other privacy watchdogs around the world. With no deterrent, Therrien said it allows companies to simply disregard his rulings. – Stuart Thomson, National Post


Facebook’s little fine

A $3 billion to $5 billion penalty for privacy violations won’t change anything for a company sitting on $23 billion in cash. It’s a parking ticket. Not a speeding ticket. Not a DUI – Kara Swisher, The New York Times