James Blonde: Hundred Bucks

The Niagara Falls trio delivers a melodic pop-rock tune featuring punchy guitars, strong vocal harmonies, and a positive message.

James Blonde: Hundred Bucks

By Kerry Doole

James Blonde - Hundred Bucks (Independent): The hard-working Niagara Falls rock trio returns with a new track, Hundred Bucks. In a press release, the band explains “there was a sense of desperation and need for change when writing the song, and the realization that money won’t get us where we need to be spiritually.

"The story of Hundred Bucks goes through different situations in which you may find yourself looking for fun or comfort. After they all inevitably lead to the same fate and failure, the sense of All I Need is This Money to Feel Good is still chanted in hope and denial. Until you reach the epiphany that life is beyond money.


"Our hope for you, the listener, is that you will take a more active perspective on what you are doing with your time, money, and energy on a day-to-day basis. Find the healthiest and purest version of your life possible.”

Positive and sage advice indeed. The sentiments are delivered via a melodic and punchy pop-rock tune that is JB’s specialty, one featuring virile guitars, strong vocal harmonies, and clean production.

James Blonde has spent the last few years touring North America and has made major festival appearances at Osheaga, Edgefest, CMW and Burlington Sound of Music. A self-titled LP was released in 2017, spawning the single Heartbreak, which topped several prominent Spotify playlists and received major Starbucks play. A tour of five Ontario cities and Montreal runs March 11-19. Dates here 






Management: Michael Greggs

Courtesy of Vertigo Live



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