Ian Blurton: Seven Bells

The Toronto guitar hero and hard rock godfather has just released a solo record, Signals Through The Flames. This focus track showcases his typically virile vocals and axemanship, and it evokes the sound of '70s Brit hard rock.

Ian Blurton: Seven Bells

By Kerry Doole

Ian Blurton - Seven Bells (Independent): After 35+ years in the Canadian music industry, playing in over 40 bands and producing, engineering and mixing over 100 albums, guitar hero and hard rock godfather Ian Blurton has just released a solo record, Signals Through The Flames.

Given his formidable track record and peer respect, he was able to call upon a serious A-list of Canadian players to contribute to the album, including Mike Armstrong (King Cobb Steelie), PJ Dunphy (Iron Giant), Eric Larock (Tricky Woo), Glenn Milchem (Blue Rodeo), Damon Richardson (Danko Jones), Anna Ruddick (Randy Bachman), Nick Sewell (Biblical), and Darcy Yates (Flash Lightnin’). The result is described as "a heavy music melting pot with one foot in the past and the other planted firmly in the future."


Focus track Seven Bells features the rhythm section of Damon Richardson and Darcy Yates adding muscle to Blurton's typically virile vocals and guitar work. He comes out with guitar guns blazing, the harmonies are full-blooded, and the production precise, with the overall effect suggestive of prime early '70s Brit hard rock.

Best known to many for fronting the powerhouse Change of Heart in the '80s, Blurton later delivered the goods in Blurtonia, Bionic, C’mon, and the still-active Public Animal. You’ll find Blurton’s producer credit on albums for Blood Ceremony, Cursed, Tricky Woo, the Weakerthans and more, and he has guested with acts as diverse as Richard Lloyd, Buffy Sainte-Marie, the Sadies, Teenage Head, and The Viletones.

Blurton and his band Future Now play Hamilton's This Ain't Hollywood on July 19 and Toronto's The Horseshoe Tavern on July 20.





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