Hedley Fans Speak Out

Fans weigh in on Hedley's status on Facebook and the range of opinion is all over the place but the shows are selling out, the audiences are engaging on social media and 10 days into the controversy the police have not laid a single charge. Rock & roll was spawned by booze, broads and sinful ways. That has now all changed. What will become of R&R?

Hedley Fans Speak Out

By FYI Staff

Taken from Facebook posts on the band's web page.

Wendy TurcotteSo very impressed you guys are still doing your tour. Can't wait to see you in Sudbury. Btw I'd bet every musician at the junos has a skeleton in their closet. You have faced your faults head on and I give you kudos for stepping up. Life is not about breaking people down it's about learning from our mistakes and becoming better than we were yesterday. Stay strong ... stay awesome!!!

Melissa LeschukYou guys made my kids life last night... they were thrilled with the guitar pics and my son couldn’t get over the fact that Jacob pointed at him... my kids will be Hedley fans for years to come... thank you for putting on a great show and giving my kids a memorable first concert.


Helen BlackWas so great to see you in Barrie again.
Every concert I have went too I am memorized by all of your raw and natural talent. Hedley Truly a gift!

Kathy BrewerEveryone needs to go to twitter, if you see an allegation about Hedley report it. click the V thingy beside the post to a scroll down mark as abusive or harmful, you then get the option to add 5 more posts.... Please everyone do this and share .... It's up to us to save these guys, as so far the media is only interested in reporting the unsubstantiated bullcrap. Make Twitter aware that we are not going to put up with this.

Paula SchryverAll the other bands backed out of the tour because they have morals. The radio stations have also stopped playing their music and their management dropped them. I wonder why they would do that if there is no merit to these allegations.


Kelly HunterSince these “anonymous” accusations are clearly ruining their career, the names of the accusers should be released. How can someone hiding behind a screen name have so much power as to destroy someone. This is outrageous. As for the people talking about London, no charges were laid, no evidence. Move on.

Forest SurridgeAnother adult woman fan in your court Hedley. 55 and in the front row of your last Abbotsford concert. These allegations ruin people's lives and careers with no court, no fair representation and over matters that took place years ago. 1. The girls look and behave older and often don't tell the truth about their age. 2. Where are the parents? 3. How can anyone change what happened in the past? This opens the door to every Rock and Roll band, singer or roady over history. All the talk does not help Canada, BC or our local Fraser Valley in anyway. Jacob is a little fish in a huge pond. Are we now going to take down Mick Jaggar? AC/DC, Nickleback ? Ridiculous. Lets as humans move on to better principles and a higher standard, yes, but leave the past alone and stop the freaken witch hunt. Rock on Hedley. You guys have a lot of talent and we are proud of you.


Ellen Popoff DicksonAnd what about Gene Simmons from KISS boasting that he's been with over 4000 female groupies!!!!!!

Forest SurridgeInnocent until proven guilty. And the legal age in BC. for sexual consent is 16.

Karyn WalkerI am also over 50 and agree with what you are saying. I'm so glad I'm not a guy.

Sheri McDougall VrbaWell said !!

Carly LyndaWhich 14 or 15 or 16-year-old girl presents herself... especially to her rock band idol as... under-age???!! Puh-leeeze!!! If anything, it is the parents' responsibility to monitor their under-age daughters and... MORE IMPORTANTLY... for the management team of Hedley and all the radio stations and other companies shelling out VIP backstage passes--and what do you think happens in there, people?? And Hedley did not invent that rock''n'roll lifestyle... it is a legacy... still today!!!--to meet-and-greet members of the band to restrict the AGE and effect proper background check of the winners of such VIP's to ensure no teeny-boppers filter in. But that would entail too much work on behalf of those dishing out such VIP passes, not to mention that Hedley's management team has EVERY interest in keeping Hedley's primary fans--the teeny-boppers--happy! It's a vicious circle. Only parents of under-aged girls can truly control the damage.


Patricia DeinesThankyou for the #2. Where were the parents? I have been to a few hedley concerts and I’ve seen some of these children, trying to be something that they are not. A band like Hedley paying attention to you, as for the one security guy who apparently saw th8ngs years ago, hope you got fired then. I did security for Hedley and others and if saw anything no matter what, my superiors would have heard immediately regardless. As for other bigger bands etc, are you kidding me, so much garbage that these bands did, like mentioned Mick Jagger and his conquests and nothing happened to them
I will always be a fan of Hedley, I’ve met them and I th8nk they’ve done Canadian music proud.

Laura ArmstrongI have a 15-year-old son, it is sad that I have to tell him to be very careful even when joking around with his friends who are girls.
I can honestly say I am a little embarrassed by how this whole movement has gone, yes it was a way to empower woman to speak up, but now it has just become a little ridiculous that almost every man in the people's eye has become a target. A man calls you sweetie or something like that, brush it off its not meant to insult you or talk down to you. Most men do it cause they can't remember your name.


Nicole KingThere's well over 20+ allegations. Y'all really need to get a better statement.
Disappointed, but not surprised.

Jamie AlexanderEmma Campbell I'm not on trial Emma. Nobody else on this thread you've argued with is either. You don't like my opinion and you're trying your hardest to make sure no one believes it. You are the one trying to find every little thing wrong with what I write and then try to use it against me to demonize my opinion. I've quoted the law here in Canada a million times. On the twitter page there are hundreds of girls who were 16 and 17 when these incidents took place. By Canadian law the band is guilty already unless every single one of those girls is lying. You don't want to deem anyone guilty until they are convicted in a court. That's fine - you are free to feel that way - but I'm gonna have to call that out as naive/irresponsible. Because you won't look at the evidence that exists, you can't have a proper conversation with me or anyone else. You do not have the context we do. We keep trying to point you in the direction to see for yourself but you refuse. You just keep asking questions and zeroing in on trivial stuff like me retaliating to someone in another thread. What does that have to do with Hedley sexually assaulting fans? It has nothing to do with anything and that's why you continue to zero in on things like that. You're obviously here to detract from the argument. You are not here to learn. You dismiss anything sent your way. You don't care about the law in Canada when it comes to minors. You don't care about what the police or general manager had to say in London Ontario. You don't care about JR's personal story or the personal stories of the girls over on twitter. All you care about is zeroing in on the inconsequential stuff. I don't know why anyone who isn't being paid would waste hours of their day trying to character assassinate those whose opinions differ on a band they don't even enjoy. And before you twist that around the way you do and turn that around on me - I waste my hours here defending victims of assault. You are in your own little way are attacking people like me for what reason? I haven't seen you zero in on anyone defending Hedley. If you don't have a dog in the fight, then why are you following me all over these threads? What does it matter to you? You don't like the band - why defend them? There are victims of assault but you say they don't truly exist until someone is proven guilty in court. I don't agree with that and no one in their right mind agrees with that. There are real life victims here and they will get their day in court. In the mean time, they are ruining Hedley's Ageless Tour. They are not going to be able to get away with the crimes of the past this time and that is because some brave women finally came out of hiding and spoke out. Good for them for being brave. And shame on you for making others feel like they can't speak up.


Emma CampbellThey can speak up to the authorities!! I have had multiple conversations with you, you belittle me for what I believe I have never belittled you for yours!?! Simply pointed out how contradictive you are!!! You keep spouting proof on twitter, but are the accusations from anonymous people? So if a random person comes up to me and says hey the guy over there raped someone I should just believe them because they said so? Or should there be an investigation into it???

Emma CampbellI feel no shame for believing in the justice system. And Im not trying to make people not believe your opinion you fool, I've stated multiple times you are allowed your opinion!!! You and Gough actually commented on my post not the other way around, and you have bought my name into multiple posts accusing me of various things, but no factual evidence to back you up isn't that what this is all about?? You believe that there is enough evidence and I don’t, tell me what is wrong with that? Why did I deserve the backlash from you and Gough for not agreeing with you? Answer me that, In fact why has anyone had anything negative said to them from you two? What gives you the right to decide what people can and can't think??

Kaiser Dieter JayI guess Jamie's comment about "his kind" directed towards me was taken down. I guess other people didn't agree with you Jamie, that's crazy right? You are just using this as a platform for your degrading language. I just find it really disheartening I fought for this country and yet here we are all fighting with one another. I guess you think this helps somehow, I'm really disappointed you think the police are lazy. I'm really glad you don't make any rules around here and people can actually get a trial before they are labeled either way. I also wanted to point out being 2018 that sexual assault can happen to boys/men too so those white knights trying to defend woman only, I know lots of strong women who don't want you to, they can advocate for themselves just fine on their own. We shouldn't be labelling it "protecting our girls" it should be " protecting our children" just saying.

CJ RisdonYou don't get to pick and choose when/where/who's allegatons you support or don't. It's not a game of screw Weinstein and Patrick Brown but hands off Hedley because *I* like them and have good experiences. That they admit they "lived the rock n roll lifestyle" suggets clearly there's at least some reason to be suspect.

Codi ThorUntil proven guilty names shouldn't be out. Not fair if they were found not guity. Now their band is ruined now either way.just my opinion.

Rebecca GodsalveI have worked with Hedley several times and they were PERFECT GENTLEMEN. I have NEVER seen them act inappropriately with crew or fans. They were kind and respectful.

Jessica Lise MiddlemissOh no! He asked me out for drinks. Seriously come on. You declined and you're fine. They were wild way back when, to the point where you would see there asses on stage. WHO CARES! Have you seen the DVD! I have always seen them being very respectful! They are jokesters maybe they were just testing if you would bite into what he would ask because he's famous. #welovehedley

Cheryl-Ann McConnell‪If you have been abused in any manner it is wrong. It’s horrible & terrifying to come forward especially when it’s a ‘celebrity’. Know you are brave & many people will & do support you. Talk to the authorities #outhedley2k18

Jude BaileySorry to hear about the allegations against the Band! For now until it's proven in a court of law! I remain a fan! I truly hope it's not true and it was a case of being spurned! If true! Shame on the Band if false shame on the girls for possibly ruining lives! I'll hold my reservation til ALL FACTS ARE IN!

Nicole MicheleUmm nope. As much as I liked some of your music, I don’t support sexual harassment of any kind. You didn’t even deny the allegations which it likely that they are true.
Dream on Hedley. Your career is over.

KKaren KozellI am doing the meet and Greet in Owen Sound March 13, and I Hope to hell that these allegations do not affect my experience! I have waited many years for the opportunity to have a few laughs with these guys! #teamHedley

Nicole IonPretty much any relationship or hookup now a days is going to need a consent form. All it takes is one ex to be spite full or regret sleeping with some guy and say 1 thing to ruin someone’s life. It’s so out of control.

Lisa Joi HorneIt's happening...first the We day organization, the Junos and now the opening act and their MANAGEMENT TEAM???? I can't believe what can come out of allegations.....words is all they are at this point. I just wish those listed above could WAIT for some PROOF before they all pull away. My heart is with Hedley today, I can't imagine how they must be feeling. I am so glad there is somewhere I can go to support them. I am a long time fan, since Canadian Idol days, and Jacob, you are my favorite singer of all time

Carrie Wiebe#welovehedley Enjoyed the concert in GP. Such a great time. They rocked. Can not wait till they tour again so I can get VIP for myself and my daughter.

Karen WilliamsMy thoughts are innocent until proven guilty...but seriously....rock stars around the world....put your lawyers on speed dial.

Alexandra NoëlToday is a sad day.... Today's the day that I realise that a lot of my favorite artists are involved in sexual misconduct..... Child abuse should never be okay.... I'm shocked because it's not just one kiddo.... But many of 'em reported hedley's misconduct.......don't get me wrong, I love Hedley, but today's the day I realise that I won't be able to see them the way I'm used to...

Kathy BrewerIt must be soooooo hard getting on stage every night and trying to remain positive for us.... They do this for us. Let them know how much it means to you. Tell them to stay strong and contact the radio stations and newpapers and ask that they start to investigate these allegations and put out some positive news about Hedley, The media is to blame. They make me sick, but they are our only hope in turning this around. I have contacted a newspaper and have pleaded with them to do their own investigations and stand up for what is right.
I will keep you all posted on my progress, pleaseeeeeee do the same. Let's do this for Hedley. This stress alone can literally kill them. There is more at stake here than us just getting to meet or see them in concert because we have tickets. This is about the lives of 4 hard working young men who need us now more than ever!!!!

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