Corb Lund: Old Men

The honkytonk star teases a new album with a rousing song wisely extolling the virtues of age.

Corb Lund: Old Men

By Kerry Doole

Corb Lund - Old Men (Warner): This is the second song released from the Albertan country star’s upcoming record, Agricultural Tragic, Lund’s first album of original material in five years. 

He notes in a label press release that  “Old Men is about appreciating wisdom and ability in a world increasingly obsessed with immediacy. I love old stuff; old books, old guitars, old records, old guns, old saddles and old people. And I really like folks that have spent a lifetime perfecting the things that they're good at. Especially the folks that make whiskey."

The track sets Lund’s distinctive virile vocals atop crisp instrumentation as he extols the virtues of age: “I want old men singing my blues and teaching my horses, there are just some things the young men can’t do like the old boys do.”


The Albertan rancher/honkytonker has spent a long time perfecting his craft and has deservedly earned a loyal audience in Canada, the US, and beyond. His take on classic country and western has so much more authenticity and soul than the banal bro' country sadly dominating the airwaves these days. We await the new album eagerly.

Lund has previously announced a 25-date Canadian tour, set to begin April 27 in Victoria, BC, after his current run of Stateside shows. A full list of dates here. Before the tour begins, Lund will make his debut at the historic Grand Ole Opry on April 18.






PR: Adam Gonshor, Warner Music Canada

Courtesy of Vertigo Live



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