Chloe Watkinson: This Is Our Time

The hotly-tipped Toronto blues-rocker comes up with another winner on this new single. Her vigorous vocals shine, the lyrics are smart and sassy, and the video, now premiering on FYI, is eye-catching.

Chloe Watkinson: This Is Our Time

By Kerry Doole

Chloe Watkinson: "This Is Our Time" (Aporia): This Toronto singer is gradually making inroads with the tracks she has been releasing over the past year, now spinning on 200+ radio stations in 26 countries, and this new cut, released today, should sustain her career momentum.

Watkinson's sound fuses blues, soul and rock strains effortlessly, and her gutsy voice never gets overwrought. "This Is Our Time" is a bold and confident statement, delivered with vigour. It's written by Chris Unck and local chanteuse Lily Frost (she also co-wrote Watkinson's previous single, "Stonewalling"), and sports lyrics a little more imaginative than most: "Stylin svelte, upper shelf, Start the show, we're good to go."


Complementing the sassy and brassy sound of the cut is an entertainingly colourful video clip, one now premiering in FYI.

The daughter of Terry Watkinson (Max Webster), Chloe cut her teeth fronting such outfits as Park Eddy and The Distillery, before going solo. Grammy-winning producer/engineer George Massenburg was an early believer in her talent, working on tracks with her, and there is a strong indication that this is indeed her time.

Watkinson plays Winterfolk in Toronto, Feb. 22-23.






Publicity: Bev Kreller, Speak Music

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