The Sun Harmonic: A Heart So Heavy

This new single and video from the Toronto folk-rock combo is a piano ballad that spotlights leader Kaleb Hikele's warm and soulful voice, one complementing the song's tender sentiments.

The Sun Harmonic: A Heart So Heavy

By Kerry Doole

The Sun Harmonic: A Heart So Heavy (Independent): This is the new single from the Toronto-based folk-rock combo, one led by eloquent frontman/pianist Kaleb Hikele.

A press release explains that "A Heart So Heavy was written in one just night, by Hikele, while alone in his empty house. Written as a love song to his girlfriend who was far away at the time, Hikele considered the tune 'my way to reach her.'"

The piano ballad spotlights Hikele's warm and soulful voice, one complementing the tender sentiments perfectly.

The video for the song was filmed at the Jam Factory in Toronto's East End, with the recorded performance captured within minutes.


The Sun Harmonic sound has stylistic similarities to the likes of City and Colour and Bon Iver, though Hikele also cites the influence of classical composers Beethoven, Debussy, and Mozart.

 In 2017, Hikele put out his most ambitious work yet, the Winter album, comprising 22 songs and 88 minutes.

The group recently played Ontario dates on its The First Ten Years Tour, with a Toronto stop at The Horseshoe Tavern set for July 2. 





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