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Feist Brings Her 'Multitudes' to Fallon In Intimate Performance

Watch the singer-songwriter perform the delicate "Hiding Out in the Open" on The Tonight Show.

Feist Brings Her 'Multitudes' to Fallon In Intimate Performance


Sara Melvin and Colby Richardson

Canadian artist Leslie Feist contains multitudes and she shared them on The Tonight Show this week. Performing with a five-piece band, the singer-songwriter played "Hiding Out in the Open" from her 2023 album Multitudes, released in April via Polydor.

The album is Feist's sixth release as a solo artist, and explores her experiences of losing her father and becoming a mother. Multitudes received acclaim and accolades upon its release and was shortlisted for the 2023 Polaris Music Prize. Feist previously won the Prize in 2012 for her album Metals.

Sonically, Multitudes is an extremely intimate record, crafted to sound like Feist is singing right into your ears. The Multitudes tour highlighted this intimacy. Shows began with a solo performance from Feist, where she looped her voice and gathered the crowd around her. The tour featured hypnotic visuals by Colby Richardson that multiplied and blurred Feist's image in real-time.


The Tonight Show performance brings that intimacy out into the open, with Feist's vocal accompanied by guitars, bass, keys and drums. The band sits in a half-circle and performs delicately, allowing the song's evocative lyrics to fully come through, while their image is quadrupled on a screen behind them.

"Hiding Out in the Open" emphasizes the fear of opening up, whether to a partner or to yourself. "Love is not a thing you try to do," Feist sings in the chorus. "It wants to be the thing compelling you."

Watch below.

Feist: Hiding Out In The Open | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy


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