Music Biz Headlines: Toronto Music Venues in the Suburbs, Montreal's Downtown Revival Plan

Our weekly compendium of interesting headlines from Canada and around the globe also includes stories on Michael Bublé, Debby Friday and more.

Michael Bublé

Michael Bublé

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Toronto’s Live Music Scene Is Moving to The Suburbs With New Concert Venues

Toronto’s live music scene is looking up in 2024. Up, as in the northern reaches of the city. With two new venues that include an underused tennis stadium and a 5,000-seater in a recently opened megacasino, promoters are gambling that Toronto is not only looking up but growing up. - Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail

The City of Montreal Outlines a Nine-Point Plan to Revive its Downtown by 2030

The City of Montreal has outlined a plan to “relaunch” its downtown by 2030, including the creation of a round-the-clock nightlife zone. The city is eyeing the Quartier Latin – a neighbourhood at the eastern end of downtown – for the 24-hour zone, though officials say its exact location is still under discussion. - Graham Hughes, CP


The Genius of Ryuichi Sakamoto Explored in a New TIFF Retrospective

The Star spoke to filmmaker Elizabeth Lennard, whose 1985 documentary "Tokyo Melody: A Film about Ryuichi Sakamato" captures the sound of the Japan metropolis. - Richie Assaly, Toronto Star

Michael Bublé Is At His Most Relatable While Stuck in Vancouver Snow Traffic

In a recent TikTok video, our very own crooning Prince of Burnaby Michael Bublé reminded us that snow is the great equalizer. It humbles all of us. It annoys the f&#% out of all of us. - Sara Harowitz, Georgia Straight

Gordon Lightfoot's Band is Back Onstage With a New Singer

'We owed it to Gord — and the songs — to carry on,' say the long-time musicians. "We have a lot of music left in us." - Kenyon Wallace, Toronto Star

The Way She Was

The music of Barbra Streisand takes Gabi Epstein on journey of self-discovery. - AV Kitching,Winnipeg Free Press

Big Winter Classic: Debby Friday Digs Deep on Polaris-winning Debut Album, Good Luck


On the phone with Postmedia from her home in Toronto, Friday admits that performing, even at the iconic Massey Hall, comes naturally to her. - Eric Volmers, Calgary Herald

Fialkowska Samples the Romantics While Schulte Samples Hispanic Delights

“I have practically never played a program without my beloved Chopin and this is no exception.” - Leonard Turnevicius, Hamilton Spectator


Grammys 2024: From How to Watch the Music-filled Show to Who's Nominated, Here's What To Know

The 2024 Grammy Awards are fast approaching — and it is never too early to plan your viewing experience. - Maria Sherman, AP

The Music Industry is Learning Hollywood's Lessons About the Power of Franchises

Twice in Q4 I found myself nestled into Slurpee-stained seats at my local cinema – nine-year-old in tow – to watch a film that is 30 years old. The first was Hocus Pocus; the second The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both were originally released in 1993. All of the usual nostalgia-sell tricks of entertainment applied. - Tim Ingham, MBW

Coachella's 2024 Lineup Has Some Intriguing Side Stories

Besides confirming Lana Del Rey is now, all too fittingly, recognized as one of the greatest artists of her generation, yesterday’s Coachella lineup announcement contained plenty of fascinating side threads. Coachella again runs over two consecutive weekends (April 12 to 14 and April 19 to 21). - Mike Usinger, Georgia Straight


Tour Through Dire Straits' Live Output With New Box Set Spanning 1978-1992

Dire Straits may be best known for their No. 1 song “Money for Nothing” (think Sting singing “I want my MTV!”) that came from their chart-topping 1985 album Brothers in Arms. - Scott Bauer, AP

Nashville’s Music Museums: A Deep Dive into Country Music’s Rich Heritage

Nashville’s Music Museums: A Deep Dive into Country Music’s Rich Heritage In the heart of downtown Nashville, Tennessee, the echoes of country music resonate through the walls of two iconic institutions: the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and the Johnny Cash Museum. - BNN


Madonna Sued Over Late Concert Start By Fans Needing an Early Start the Next Day

The lawsuit, filed last week, is seeking class action status for attenders of all other Celebration tour shows in the US that started late. - Michael Sun, The Guardian

Not Rock 'n' Roll's Little Sister': Inside Country Music's New Golden Era

It was an unexpected musical success story last year, one that has only continued to snowball: Country music, with its loyal listenership on the margins of pop's mainstream, had a crossover moment. Maria Sherman, AP

Grammy-nominated For Tunes With Miley Cyrus and Reneé Rapp, Justin Tranter Writes Hits By Talking

Sit down and talk to Justin Tranter for just a while and likely a hit song will emerge. - Mark Kennedy, AP


Fixing The News Business Means Learning To Think Differently (Guest Column)

Change is coming quickly to the news industry, and innovation has to come just as quickly.

This is the second part of a series of guest columnsseeking answers to the financial issues that have plagued Canadian news organizations.

My prescription for change is very clear. Stop trying to solve today's problems through yesterday's lens.

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