The OBGMs: Outsah

The hotly-tipped punk trio delivers sonic fury via thunderous guitars and intense vocals.

The OBGMs: Outsah

By Kerry Doole

The OBGMs: Outsah (Black Box): This hotly-tipped Toronto punk trio releases a new album, The Ends, on Oct. 30 via Black Box.

This advance single sets the tone, as a short (1.58) and savage burst of sonic fury that is full of bravado - sample lyrics: "Never been a thug or a bitch, Never been the one to start the shit, But I’ve been the one to end the shit." Thunderous guitars and intense vocals drive the track, while the addition of bongos shows adventurousness.

In a label press release, vocalist and guitarist Densil McFarlane explains, “This is one of those songs where we’re doing stuff other people aren’t doing. We threw bongos on the motherfucker. That song is a statement and that statement is, 'We’re not afraid of you, and we’re willing to confront you. Come see me if you have a problem with it. We’re already outside.'” 


Describing the album, he declares “it is about death, wanting to die, and fighting for something to live for — it’s the end of all things. I feel this is one of the most important cross-genre albums this century. We are Nirvana, we are the Beatles and the Stones. We are really changing the dimensions of which the game is played, like the Steph Curry of this rock shit. This is a black-fronted punk band, and that’s really important. Rock n’ roll is mostly white suburban kids—that’s what gets promoted. But we are black and we out here. I was inspired to make rock music when I saw a black guy on stage, and if someone sees that in us, I hope it will inspire a new generation to go after this.”

No false humility here and this level of braggadocio is perhaps better suited to hip-hop than punk rock. Still, you can mark The OBGMS ( (The oOoh Baby Gimme Mores) down as real contenders.


Of note: McFarlane co-directed the video with Toronto hip-hop fave Clairmont the Second, while the album is produced by the Grammy and Juno award-winning Dave Schiffman (PUP, Rage Against The Machine).






Publicity: Conor Mackie, Hive Mind PR

Management: Ian Stanger, Black Box

Vanessa Heins


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