Lexxicon: Lonely

The versatile Toronto artist previews an imminent album with a track showcasing plaintive vocals and candid lyrics.

Lexxicon: Lonely

By Kerry Doole

Lexxicon - Lonely (Independent): The Toronto-based hip-hop/dancehall artist recently announced that a new album, Bashment Trap House, comes out on January 31. It is preceded by this new single, produced by Edmonton’s Artafacts Music.

In a press release, Lexxicon explains that “This song is for those who have gone through times in their lives where they felt alone and that they had no support from anyone. Many of us have certain experiences where no matter who is around us we still have to go through it alone. For me, it was being diagnosed with Crohn's disease and dealing with the hospital visits, medication changes, and multiple side effects. That time was when I felt extremely alone and was the inspiration for this song. I just hope putting my feelings to music can help someone going through a similar situation.”


On this cut, Lexxicon displays a gently plaintive tone vocally and lyrical candour about his condition - "sometimes I just want to pray for death .. barely breathing, won't eat a thing."

The track sits in the hip-hop camp, whereas previous single Fatty Fatty is firmly dancehall in style.

Lexxicon was born in Jamaica and grew up in Birmingham and London, before moving to Brooklyn, New York and then Toronto. He founded a new showcase Series called AfroWaveTO that advocates for Dancehall, Afrobeat and Reggaeton representation in the Toronto music scene, and has been active in student orgs on the Ryerson campus. He founded student group, RyeSWAT (now RyeRecords) to help artists on-campus record albums.

Lexxicon plays two shows in Toronto, at The Baby G on January 26 and February 23.





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