L CON: There Was A Glow

Acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer Lisa Conway shines on this new track, one enhanced by a compelling video clip. The Slaight Music Residency graduate mesmerises with a voice that is both haunting and strong.

L CON: There Was A Glow

By Kerry Doole

L CON - “There Was A Glow” (Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings):  L CON (Lisa Conway) is a Toronto singer/songwriter deservedly recognised as one of the most talented and adventurous artists around.

“There Was A Glow” is a track from her much-lauded recent album, Insecurities in Being, and it is accompanied by an evocative video clip that is a possible Prism Prize contender. According to a press release, "director Victoria Long's observations of a young couple at a picnic are staged with a seamless intimacy, heightened by the dreamlike appearances of an old woman." Long explains that  "the video tries to capture the duality of happy memories made painful by subsequent events."


Conway terms the video "a real DIY affair, but we managed to prevail through torrential rains and equipment poltergeists and various scheduling trickiness. I'm so grateful that it exists and to everyone involved who helped make this happen. Such a pleasure to collaborate with Victoria again, and to have friends be up for being a part of it.

"I really like being involved in the making of videos, but I don't necessarily like being the focus on camera, or lip-syncing - I'm not a very good actor, so would much rather let other people that are better at it be on screen while I'm holding a light or something, or doing craft services. Luckily, there was a picnic component to this one!"

She may not be a great actor, but Conway is a compelling and convincing singer, armed with a voice that is both haunting and strong. The results on this cut are gently mesmerising.

She is also a multi-tasker, tackling the writing, production, arranging, and engineering on Insecurities in Being, as well as playing several instruments. Guests on the record include Andrew Collins (the Skeletones Four), Jordan Howard (Jim Guthrie), Karen Ng (Andy Shauf, Dave Clark), Johnny Merritt (the Barmitzvah Brothers), and Casey MQ (Zaki Ibrahim).


Previously in trip-hop faves Del Bel, Conway is a recent alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s prestigious Slaight Music Residency and a graduate of the Masters in Sonic Arts program from Queen’s University Belfast

She played the Red Bull Music Fest in Berlin last Sunday and has seven more European shows this month.








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